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Grassroots petition looks to support coastal forestry families in BC

February 7, 2020  By  Maria Church

Petition organizers are planning a rally in Victoria on the provincial government's budget day, Feb. 18.

A grassroots movement started by forestry families in the Campbell River area and North Island of B.C. is hoping for 25,000 signatures on a petition it plans to deliver to the provincial government on budget day Feb. 18.

The petition, titled “Saving the working forest for all generations,” is addressed to B.C. Premier John Horgan, asking the government to bring into legislation, “The working forest, defined and dedicated to the purpose of harvesting and economic activities.”

According to a document distributed by one of the movement’s organizers, Carl Sweet, B.C.’s coast has seen a 30 per cent decline in allowable annual cut since 1990. If government chooses to end old-growth harvesting of the coastal forest, that volume would be cut in half.

The petition summary reads: [continued below ad]


“In its current state the forested land base in British Columbia consists of 1,033 protected provincial parks. There are large portions of the land base set aside for social and cultural interests and environmental reasons. The forests of B.C. are a renewable resource and we ask that the remaining harvestable land base be protected as THE WORKING FOREST [sic] to be defined and dedicated to the purpose of harvesting and economic activities for the sustainable future of our families, our communities and the province.”

The petition is being disseminated by the Facebook group BC FORESTRY ALLIANCE. Organizers are also planning a forestry rally on Feb. 18 at the Victoria legislature from 12:30 to 3:30 p.m.

Link to the information document here:


Link to the petition here:

The Working Forest Petition

Find more information from the Facebook group BC FORESTRY ALLIANCE, or contact Carl Sweet at csweet@inland-group.com, 250-830-7829.

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