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Greenpeace feud hurting Resolute

Jan. 13, 2015 –The ongoing feud between Resolute Forest Products and Greenpeace is hurting the company’s bottom line at a time when global paper use is diminishing.

According to a Bloomberg report, Greenpeace’s claims that Resolute is using environmentally unsound business practices has already cost them business from Best Buy. Now, Greenpeace is shifting its focus to targeting Resolute’s business with Canadian Tire.

Resolute has already filed a defamation suit with the Ontario Superior Court over the claims, but Greenpeace’s relentless attack has continued.

Resolute CEO Richard Garneau now says that, in addition to the loss in market share caused by the Greenpeace allegations, the attacks are also one of the factors behind the closure of an Ontario paper mill and two Quebec paper machines.

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January 13, 2015  By  Andrew Macklin

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