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March 28, 2016 - The latest innovations and technologies for harvesting and processing heads (Scroll down to end of the article to check out photos of all the latest products).


The 200, 400 and 600 Series harvester lineup from Waratah are engineered tough. For harvesting, the new H415X has a heavy duty reinforced saw box, a new HP PEVO valve and an optional topping saw. The HTH622C 4X4 multi-stem processing head is equipped with innovative features like tree shuffling, dual laser photocells, and automatic-dual stem alignment. Watch for the 623C4x4 coming soon. For ultimate versatility, the 624C with control wrist rotator bracket will move the big heavies allowing you to turn it, place it, and load it with complete control and confidence. When the work day is done, the company’s one-touch data transferring through WaratahMate sends production data seamlessly from the user’s phone.

March 27, 2016  By Staff Report


The 575 harvesting head is productive and reliable in a variety of demanding applications and tree profiles, including in-stand harvesting, roadside processing, multi-stem pulpwood and eucalyptus debarking. With Tigercat’s patented three-two drive system, you no longer have to sacrifice top speed to get powerful feeding. The 575 starts in 3WD, maximizing feed force for faster acceleration and to quickly power through bigger trees. As the load drops, it automatically shifts to 2WD, improving efficiency and increasing feed speed up to 30 per cent.

The Komatsu 398 harvesting and processing head is built for big timber selective harvesting, clear-cutting harvesting and processing pre-felled timber. Its rugged and robust design allows it to handle timber averaging up to 23” in diameter. The powerful “carry style” feed system features four motors and three driven rollers which provide a firm three-point grip while reducing friction for high feed power. Cutting is handled by a 31” capacity ¾” pitch bottom saw and an 18” capacity .404 pitch integral top saw.

John Deere
The John Deere H413 and H415 harvesting heads offer a solution for a variety of logging operations. The H413 was designed to carry out a range of jobs, optimizing delimbing coverage and quality. The powerful saw unit masters fast and precise felling and crosscutting. Boasting strength and stamina for large timber, the H415 combines large timber cutting power with excellent delimbing.


The KTI TreeKing processing head from Kaymor offers 18,000 ft.-lb. of hydraulic delimbing force. Any length or diameter can be preprogrammed in its measuring system. It features an indexing plate to make accurate lengths every time while multi stemming; large grab arms designed to firmly hold up to eight stems at once without causing fibre damage; tough delimiting arms; an 18” top saw and a 30” butt saw.

The SAT318, SAT318T, SAT318T SC heads have been designed for optimal delimbing capacity from 3” to 18”. These heads have many components that are also part of the larger processing heads, adding durability, reliability and common parts across the product line. Working the head around the clock harvesting large timber in the forest or nonstop processing on the landing, these heads have been designed to meet the tough demands of many applications.

The QS630 is designed for the toughest harvesting environments, for the largest sized stems with an optimum operating size of 24” to 32” in diameter. The innovative parabolic spring drive arm timing link allows for variation in stem profile without loss of traction. A wide chassis structure improves structural strength and increased single and multi-tree processing capacity. The large diameter pins with a taper lock collar design for decreased wear and increased life expectancy.


Logset TH85 harvester head is the biggest head in the Titan Head series. It is a genuine heavy-duty harvester head for large-volume harvesting or processing. Its compact structure and versatility makes it suitable for use in various forest operations. The TH85 is primarily designed for use with track-based machines with high lifting capacity and slewing power. The chassis and delimbing knives create minimal friction against the tree stem.

The Log Max 12000XT is an extreme duty head for big tree production, multi-stem processing of smaller softwoods or processing crooked hardwoods. This is the most rugged Log Max head and is available in harvester or processor configurations. With over five tonnes of delimbing force, this head is able to handle the most severe wood. Large rear cover with hydraulic assist opens for full service access. High production ¾” pitch bottom saw cuts up to 40”.

The H10 is a heavy-duty processing and harvesting head for track-based machines weighing over 25 tonnes. With the new size class of harvester heads, Ponsse is responding to the harvesting needs of local harvesting entrepreneurs. Its durable body structure, good grip and powerful feeding ensure good productivity and a long service life. Thanks to the Opti control system, the H10 is dimensionally very accurate. The product development work performed in cooperation with customers has focused on the easy controllability and maintenance of the harvester head.

SP Maskiner
The SP 761 LF is a compact, heavy duty and high performance harvester head. It is designed according to SP´s low friction principle for minimum friction and maximum productivity. The SP 761 LF is suited for working on both large wheel based harvesters as well as tracked harvesters and excavator carriers. Equipped with specially designed processing knives and a topping becomes a dedicated processing head with great performance processing decked wood out of a pile. The SP 761 LF reaches top performance in stands with a diameter of 10” to 20”.

The Barko CF18 fixed harvesting head provides optimal performance on a wide range of harvesting and processing applications. Featuring a patent-pending design equipped with the IQAN control system, onboard valving and centre hose routing, the CF18 is engineered for fast and efficient cutting and delimbing.

Keto is a dangle-mounted processor/harvester with a unique track system designed to give the operator  ultimate traction on the tree. The 660B is capable of handling hard and softwoods, while the 870B is designed for the big stuff and is at home in hardwoods as well. The latest features of the 660B and 870B include easy-access covers for the top saw, track motor and main valve; and a new cutting back edge on the moving knives allowing the head to delimb in both directions.

The AFM 85 Magnum is the largest and most powerful AFM head. Built for really tough harvesting conditions, it easily processes big trees with heavy limbs. Its extremely strong frame makes the AFM 85 Magnum a reliable harvester head for big excavators and track-based harvesters. Three-roller geometry ensures the best capture even of stems with the largest diameters. With the four movable knives of the AFM 85 Magnum, it is possible to ensure high delimbing quality of trees of all sizes. The shape of the knives facilitates picking up windfall trees and allows for quality delimbing.

Pierce Pacific
The Titan 22 is ready to harvest at the stump or process from a log deck. The Titan 22 features an additional valve section which provides more flow to the drive system for greater speed and feed power, as well as to the butt saw for faster, cleaner cuts. It also features a heavy duty frame designed to provide extra support where it’s necessary for the rigors of North American timber and conditions. The Titan 22 is powered by Pierce’s Intellitec Measuring System.

The Hahn HSG140 and HSG160 harvester heads are designed to provide logging contractors and land owners a means for harvesting small diameter timber and plantation thinning. When installed on a suitable carrier, the HSG series harvester heads can cut a tree off the stump, lay it down, remove the limbs, measure the stem, and cut it into log lengths determined by the operator.
Due to its compact size and low hydraulic requirements, the HSG series harvester heads are ideally suited to most small to midsize, zero tail swing, excavators in the 55hp to 85 hp range.

Risley’s Cobra is a controlled head processor, which processes and optimizes at the stump and at the deck. Based on a carrier class ranging from 22 to 30 tons, the Cobra is well suited to 3” to 24” diameter wood. With the heavy duty 290-degree rotate option, the operator can also process and load trucks in a variety of situations. The Cobra is designed to handle and delimb softwood and hardwood with its rolls changeable from spiked steel to chained rubber. A third arm helps the operator maintain control of the log as it slides through the processor head. The processor features a DASA-controlled system to manage electrical, hydraulic and measuring functions into single command operation, which when combined with the Cobra’s unique following wheel and diameter measuring hardware delivers exceptional accuracy and performance.


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