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March 31, 2017 - Canadian Forest Industries takes you through some of the latest harvesting and processing heads on the market.

March 31, 2017  By Canadian Forest Industries Staff

Ponsse has been designing and manufacturing single-grip harvester heads for 30 years. The long-term experience and active collection of customer feedback from around the world shows in the products. Every model is at the top of its class in productivity and reliability. Well-designed structures and highest quality materials ensure durability with excellent capacity-to-weight ratio. Ponsse harvester heads are also widely used in tracked base machines. Strong head and tilt frames give excellent reliability while efficient hydraulic systems ensure high productivity. The opti control system offers ease of use with versatile adjustments and accurate measuring.

The Komatsu 398 harvesting and processing head is built for big timber selective harvesting, clear-cutting harvesting and processing pre-felled timber. Its rugged and robust design allows it to handle timber averaging up to 23” diameter, and it can be mounted on 28-40 metric ton track carriers. The powerful carry style feed system features four motors and three driven rollers, which provide a firm three-point grip while reducing friction for high feed power. Cutting is handled by a 31” capacity ¾” pitch bottom saw, and an 18” capacity .404 pitch integral top saw. The rugged delimbing knife and accurate measurement systems provide highly efficient processing.  


Tigercat harvesting heads are built to match the high performance capabilities of Tigercat track carriers. The 570 is a powerful two-wheel drive harvesting head best suited to in-stand harvesting with an optimal range of 150-510 mm in diameter. The 575 is a heavy-duty three-wheel drive head suited to in-stand harvesting in the 175-560 mm diameter range. Tigercat’s D5 control system comes standard with all Tigercat harvesting heads. The system allows the operator to monitor lengths, diameters and species in real-time to ensure maximum productivity, with a simple and intuitive Tigercat-developed user interface.

The Barko CF18 fixed harvesting head provides performance on a wide range of harvesting and processing applications. Featuring a patent-pending design equipped with IQAN control system, onboard valving and centre hose routing, the CF18 is precisely engineered for fast and efficient cutting and delimbing. The head’s 360-degree continuous rotation with centre hose routing enhances maneuverability when cutting, while also protecting hoses from tangling or tearing, thereby reducing hose replacement costs. Downtime is also reduced because the head is built with fewer moving parts, making the only daily service requirement greasing.

John Deere
John Deere harvester heads are known for productivity, reliability and measuring accuracy. The H413 harvesting head was designed to carry out a wide range of harvesting jobs, from early to late thinnings, to light regeneration harvesting. The powerful saw unit masters fast and precise felling and crosscutting. The H415 combines large timber cutting power with excellent delimbing quality. Well suited for different types of regeneration harvesting, the H415 has three different trunk type settings – one for normal trunks (narrow stem), another for dealing with large butt-flare (wide stem), and a top saw for pile processing and hardwood.

Waratah provides industry-leading solutions through 21 individual models. Providing our customers with the most extensive line-up of two-, three- and four-wheel drive harvesting/processing attachments. The HTH 625C three roller tips the scale at 4250 kg/9,370 lbs and is specifically designed to dominate large-diameter timber. Key features include 360 continuous rotation, twin lower delimb-arms, auto-tensioning ¾ main saw, industries’ first ¾ topping saw, and a laser find-end system. The synchronized high torque drive system provides incredible traction control, drive torque and increased feeding speeds that will ensure this high-performer flies through big timber.

Pierce Pacific
State-of-the-art Pierce GP combines grappling and processing features into one work tool. It sorts and loads like a grapple — and delimbs, measures and cuts like a processor. The unique grapple arms offer unprecedented versatility. Built to handle big timber up to 52” in diameter, they’re ideal for picking up individual stems as well as handling multiple logs without criss-crossing. The GP’s design makes it possible to also reposition long logs, handle bundles of short wood and distribute brush. It can be used with both new and preexisting log loaders, making it economical as well as efficient.

The Canadian-made TreeKing processor’s unique design increases productivity. It increases fibre recovery and reduces down-time. With true multi-stemming, capabilities, it raises the bar with incredible measuring accuracy and reliability. Decreased operating costs with less moving parts, simplified construction and interchangeable components. Operators have the capability to process stems up to a 30” butt diameter productively, using a single processor head. A perfect combination of mechanics and hydraulics allows the use of a smaller carrier to bring 18,000 ft/lb of delimbing force into action with patent-pending technology.  

AFM/Équipement Marquis
The AFM 75 Whiteline is a strong, reliable and highly productive 5,100lb head for big wood. With four moveable knives and three feed rollers opening to 33”, it centres the stem and adjusts to it constantly with proportional pressure for the best feeding possible. Standard equipment includes hydraulic saw tensioner, hydraulic saw control and rugged framing. The AFM Whiteline series was designed for the harsh Canadian market with more guarding and more protection of hoses.  A large Rexroth valve bank and clean hose routing means the hydraulics stay cool and hoses are easy to access. The AFM 75 can work with a variety of different measuring systems and can be easily adapted to any type of base carrier.

SP Maskiner
The SP 761 LF is a compact, heavy duty and high performance harvester head. It is designed according to SP’s low friction principle for minimum friction and maximum productivity. The SP 761 LF is suited for working on both large wheel based harvesters as well as tracked harvesters and excavator carriers. The high capacity in combination with the compact, protected and heavy duty design makes the SP 761 LF able to handle a variety of different demanding harvesting applications with great performance. Regardless if the task at hand is in large diameter soft wood, crooked and limby hardwood or dense mixed wood stands, you can count on the SP 761 LF to get the job done.

The new Keto 873 processor is designed for processing larger trees in the demanding conditions of North America and beyond. Keto 873 is the latest model of the Keto product family. This 3,360kg/7,400lb head can be installed on 30 plus ton tracked base machines. One new feature of the Keto 873 is the Rotobec rotator, which spins 360 degrees and beyond. This offers a totally new world of freedom and efficiency to operators. The Keto 873 design incorporates a well-proven Parker valve system. Functions are proportional and operate only on-demand.
The 500cc track feed motors produce a level of nearly 4kN of true net pulling power making sure that even the toughest trees can be pulled and delimbed quickly and efficiently.

Logset TH85 harvester head is the biggest head in the Titan Head series. It is a genuine heavy-duty harvester head for large-volume harvesting or processing. Its compact structure and versatility makes it suitable for use in various forest operations. The TH85 is primarily designed for use with track-based machines with high lifting capacity and slewing power. The chassis and delimbing knives create minimal friction against the tree stem. The TH85 head can also go on the Logset 12H GTE Hybrid harvester. This combo is a wheel-based machine the market hasn’t seen before. When developing the head, Logset kept the philosophy from earlier heads: Less is more. The head has less components and more steel. The TH85 has three steel feed rollers and a synchronized feed circuit to ensure that the grip of the tree is optimal.

The Southstar Grapple processors and purpose built processors series were designed and built for production processing and log handling. They include a powerful tilt with locking system with float for heeling logs and handling, powerful dual rotate motors with special Southstar-designed spool to still allow the head to follow log when processing. They also have a larger rotate bearing, high capacity delimb arms for log handling, short hanging bracket with high tilt angle, lifting hooks on delimb arm tips for safe lifting of trailer straps, lifting of trailer straps, and are designed to work with or without heal.

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