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Caterpillar Forest Products offers a full line of harvester heads including the PD-57, a large dangle head built to process big hardwood and limby trees. Extended delimbing arms on the PD-57 make log selection from a pile easy. Recently, over 15 updates were implemented to the chassis, knives and rotator to increase the reliability and structural integrity of the head.

For select thinning, the PF-48 fixed head offers a one-of-a-kind 4-roller design, giving the head more contact with the tree for better feeding. The valve body is mounted on the carrier, not the head, reducing shock loads. Over 15 upgrades were performed in 2009 to increase uptime, including removal of the Independent Measuring Device (IMD) cylinder and implementation of SKF sealed bearings in the IMD.


November 15, 2011  By Bill Tice


The NEW Keto heads are now red and yellow and include dozens of design updates for tracks, pins, knives, motors and frames. They also offer a 5,000hr/2yr warranty policy by Quadco.

The saw and track lube pumps are now made by Keto for highly improved reliability and lower oil usage.  The pumps can be retrofitted to older Keto heads and many other head types.  The valve system updates include proportional and faster open/close cycles, faster tilt-up, and a low friction knife function. Accurate length and diameter measuring remains a feature of the robust Keto heads.  The latest software includes updates for measuring, lubrication control, log handling, top-throw-off, warm-up mode, operator’s choice of handle configuration, and an easy back-up of data and settings into a flash memory card.




Log Max
Offering seven models of harvesting heads, the Log Max product line includes the 4000B, 5000D, 6000, 7000C, 7000 XT, 10000 XT and the 12000.

Providing the customer with flexibility and productivity, each Log Max harvester head is available with a variety of options that allow it to be customized to specific job requirements.

All Log Max heads feature a patented top knife positioning sensor to minimize friction losses and improve feeding efficiency. Because of the low friction power loss, Log Max heads maintain high feed forces. As well, all frames are designed with an efficient closed box section central frame. The tapered knives are equipped with long edges, which ensure high quality timber.

Log Max also offers accumulating arms, which enables the head to be used as a conventional harvester or a multi-stemming head. The Log Max interface gives customers the option to replace their existing head with a Log Max product while continuing to use their original computer system to control the new head.



The PONSSE H6 medium-sized general harvester head combines excellent geometry, powerful feed and cutting functions, precise measurement, and versatile adjustments.

The head is highly applicable to versatile use, ranging from thinning sites with small trees to regeneration felling. The harvester head’s large opening and precise controls make working easy. Thanks to wide tilt movements, combined with quick and powerful feed and cutting, the PONSSE H6 is a highly effective harvester head on all types of sites.

The PONSSE H6 can also be used for multi-stemming. Multi-stemming considerably speeds up harvesting and improves the results on sites with small trees. Multi-stemming does not hinder the functioning of the harvester head’s features when handling single trunks.



With over 750 Lim-mits produced in North America by Risley, Tree length and Cut-to-length processing can now be accomplished with existing Lim-mits with the upgrade to the patented Tops™ delimbing head with the Risley Dasa4PC control optimization system.

 The Tops™ Timber Optimized Processing System brings mill room optimization, to the woods. With “Full Tree Optimization” the entire volume of the tree is calculated dynamically between three relational points – delimber  head, boom and fixed locations in the Lim-mit tube.

With this innovative technology, operators can now visualize and react to a “Real Time Decision Tree” RTDT ™, that dynamically displays cut decisions that can be made automatically, or overrun based on operator quality control techniques.



The new Tigercat TH575 harvesting head is specifically designed to match the high performance capabilities of Tigercat track carriers in harvesting, processing and debarking applications. It is best suited to dedicated forestry carriers from 200-300 hp for harvesting softwood and hardwood in the 5-58 centimetre (2-23 inch) diameter range. The heavy duty structure provides longevity and high uptime in demanding harvesting and processing applications.

The TH575 features three knife arms and two fixed knives for excellent delimbing capability, while a three-wheel drive system achieves faster feeding speeds and superior feeding power. In addition, the head offers unique measuring control with a large diameter measuring wheel for improved accuracy, while the heavy-duty structure, taper-lock pins, isolation mounted valve assemblies and clean hose routings provide users with high uptime.



The Valmet head lineup covers a broad range of harvesting and processing applications.  The 3 driven roller, 350-1 thinning head, is light, compact and quick. It is perfect for early thinning up to 16-inch diameters.  An optional multi-stem accumulation arrangement increases production in dense smaller wood.  The 360-2 and 370-2 are larger heads designed for stems up to 18-inch diameters.  The 370E is equipped with an optional topping saw. Its stronger frame design is used on track machines for efficient processing.

Coming soon, the new 378 is designed for more demanding processing applications in wood up to 20 inches and features an integral topping saw. A new design 3 driven roller 365 head that thins and harvests up to 16-inch diameters fills out the lineup. 



Waratah’s new HTH624C features a larger topping saw, easier accessibility, and improved hose routing. It also includes a new valve design, which provides higher flow characteristics to all major functions, resulting in better multi-functioning of the head. A fixed wrist option is also available, replacing the standard hanging bracket and rotator. This provides additional fixed control for those looking for increased handling of larger stems and increased piling ability.

Waratah’s HTH616C is a compact, smaller version of the 622B and is highly efficient in small to medium size timber. Designed for a 20-ton track-based machine, the new HTH616C is nimble at the end of the stick, providing quicker cycle times in small wood.

Waratah’s new H480 is the ultimate thinning tool. It is a robust and very fast four-wheel drive head designed for medium to large tracked and wheeled machines. When coupled to Waratah’s MTH (multi tree handling) kit, the H480 can provide over 20% increased productivity in small diameter low-value timber stands.


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