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Aug. 13, 2018 - Canadian Forest Industries has compiled the newest feller bunchers on the Canadian market.
Aug. 8, 2018 - Komatsu America Corp., has previewed its new XT-5 Series of Track Feller Bunchers. Models include the XT430-5 (non-leveling), XT435L-5, XT445L-5 and XT465L-5, which replace the prior XT-3 Series machines.
July 26, 2018 - Steep slope harvesting with winch-assisted machines has been steadily increasing in Western Canada. Although this technique is still new here, winch systems with harvesters and forwarders have been used in Europe for more than 20 years.
July 5, 2018 - Nokian Tractor King was presented for the first time in public at Euroforest 2018, along with Nokian Tyres complete range of forestry tires.

As a culmination of long experience and intense development process, at Euroforest 2018 Nokian Tyres presents many cutting-edge innovations that help professionals to get the most out of their CTL machines, skidders and tractors.

Revolutionary from surface to core    
Nokian Tractor King features radical new thinking in tractor tire technology. It was designed for a reason: there is a growing demand in forestry, road maintenance and earthmoving for a strong tire that combines supreme traction with premium on-road qualities.

Usually increasing traction of the tire means losing some of the driving comfort.

"Having a team with so much experience and so much passion about what we do gave us the opportunity to innovate and create a new kind of tire without sacrificing one or the other key quality," said Caleb Claassen, Nokian Heavy Tyres designer.

The durability, wear-resistance and environmentally friendly production process of the new Nokian Tractor King make it a sustainable choice for modern forestry, giving the driver peace of mind in all conditions.

Innovations for daily work
With over 120 years of experience, Nokian Tyres makes forestry work all over the world safer and more sustainable. From game-changing ideas to the tested and trusted products, in the very core of Nokian Heavy Tyres business is knowing the world where tires operate in. Driven by real life, Nokian Tyres constantly aims to exceed all previous achievements. So, at the end of the day, the work gets done safely and efficiently. Technology and service leadership come from experience and innovation, from deeply valuing the daily work.

Presented at Euroforest 2018 by Nokian Tyres:
  • Foresty ­ Broad selection of premium and replacement tires for CTL machines, skidders and forestry tractors
  • Agriculture ­ Nokian Hakkapeliitta TRI for tractors and Nokian CT flotation tires for trailers
  • Trucks and buses ­ New Nokian E-Truck Trailer designed for Central European medium and regional haul transport, and premium all-season drive axle tire Nokian Hakka Truck Drive
  • Passenger cars ­ SUV/ 4x4 summer tires Nokian Rockproof and Nokian Rotiiva AT
June 7, 2018 - Reinforcing its commitment to producing the industry’s most reliable and durable machinery, John Deere extended its machine warranty on all Commercial Worksite Products to two years. This coverage includes new compact track loaders, skid steer loaders, compact wheel loaders and compact excavators.

“Extending our warranty across our entire lineup of compact machinery reinforces our confidence in the quality of the equipment we produce,” said Graham Hinch, division manager at John Deere Commercial Worksite Products. “Backed by our robust dealer network, this added protection offers our customers peace of mind so they can focus on maximizing productivity and profits.”

The standard warranty now promises that Deere will fix any defects in materials or workmanship for two years after delivery or 2,000 hours — whichever comes first. The previous standard warranty was for one year.

For complete warranty information, customers should visit their local John Deere dealer or visit
June 7, 2018 - The new Mercedes-Benz / MTU Stage V emission engines feature the latest engine technology, and are an excellent solution for forest machines that require productivity, reliability and fuel economy while at the same time being environmentally friendly. The new engines are available in three different power classes for Ponsse forest machine models.

At the forefront of sustainable development
Ponsse focuses its production on products that use the cut-to-length method. The cut-to-length method is a sustainable harvesting method that results in lower emissions and less soil damage than other methods. The new Stage V emission engines further increase the environmental friendliness of the method. The new engines are modern, low-emission engines with particulate mass (PM) and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emission levels that are considerably lower than those of Stage III and Stage IV emission ratings. In addition to control of the particulate mass (PM), Stage V emission engines also control the number of particles (PN) by means of a particulate filter (DPF).

Fox w Stage VTested technology and high power
The new Mercedes-Benz / MTU Stage V emission engines are powerful and fuel-efficient. All the engine versions have higher torque, and maximum power is achievable at lower revolutions per minute (RPM) than ever before. The new engines have been extensively tested in different market areas. Both the forwarders and harvesters have been subjected to comprehensive testing in both cold and hot climates, and have been rigorously operated under actual working conditions.

The results of these field trials are encouraging, and have proven that the engines have very high levels of power and torque. And because high power is attainable with fast response even at low RPM, the machine productivity and fuel economy are markedly improved.

Strong structure for a high usage rate
A major benefit of the new engines in terms of use is the exceptionally strong engine design. Stage V engines are largely based on the basic structure of the previous generation, i.e. the Stage IV engines. The most significant difference is in the new exhaust after-treatment system: in addition to the SCR after-treatment and EGR exhaust recirculation, there is now also a DPF particulate filter. As with the previous generation, the after-treatment system is housed in a single catalytic converter unit, which in PONSSE forest machines is also well heat insulated.

Stage V is a European Union emission standard that comes into force in 2019. Ponsse’s forest machines for EU markets will switch to the Stage V engines in the first quarter of 2019.

Technical specifications:

Engine type and power:

PONSSE Gazelle, Wisent, Elk, Beaver and Fox:

Mercedes-Benz/MTU OM934 LA Stage V

4 cylinders, cylinder capacity 5.13 L

Power 150 kW / 204 hp (1,800 rpm) Torque 850 Nm (1,200-1,600 rpm)

PONSSE Buffalo, BuffaloKing, BuffaloDual, Elephant, ElephantKing, Ergo, Scorpion, ScorpionKing:

Mercedes-Benz / MTU OM936 LA Stage V

6 cylinders, cylinder capacity 7.7 L

Power 210 kW/286 hp (1,800 rpm) Torque 1,200 Nm (1,200-1,600 rpm)


Mercedes-Benz / MTU OM936 LA Stage V

6 cylinders, cylinder capacity 7.7 L

Power 260 kW/354 hp (1,800 rpm). Torque 1,450 Nm (1,200-1,600 rpm)

Further information: Jarmo Vidgrén, Sales and Marketing Director , Tel. +358 40 519 1486, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Juha-Matti Raatikainen, Marketing Manager, tel. +358 40 482 8166,
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
June 5, 2018 - Canadian Forest Industries has compiled the newest equipment for working in on tough grades.
May 30, 2018 - President of Sennebogen LLC, Constantino Lannes, introduced the new 850 E Series purpose-built material handler at the 2018 ISRI Show. The new model features a Tier 4f compliant Cummins engine.

The 850 E continues Sennebogen’s focus on simplicity and dependability, achieving exceptional performance through intelligent hydraulic design without complex electronics.  

Multiple configurations
Sennebogen’s modular design concept allows customers to order the 850 E with a rubber-tired or tracked undercarriage, or adapted to any other required mounting for gantries, pedestals, rail cars, barges and ship applications. The operating weight for the 850 M is 134,200 lbs. (60,873 kg) while the R-HD unit on crawler tracks weighs in at approximately 146,300 lbs. (66,360 kg).

The 850 can be fitted with one of several boom and stick configurations providing a maximum reach of up to 69’ (21 m).

Updated Maxcab
The new 850 E is also among the first models to feature the latest version of Sennebogen’s popular Maxcab operator station. The updated Maxcab is longer and roomier than its previous iterations, providing more space for the operator.

Known for its great visibility, the Maxcab now features joystick travel controls eliminating the steering wheel to ensure an unobstructed forward line of site. Dual cameras for rear and right-side visibility are also provided as safety standard.

With Sennebogen’s innovative full-guarding on the upper deck, the 850 E provides a safe platform for technicians. As on previous Maxcab designs, the new version includes a sliding door and a catwalk with a handrail for safe, easy entry and exit.

The 850 E is supported through Sennebogen’s 100,000 sq. ft. head office, parts warehouse and Training Center in Stanley, N.C., where advanced service training is provided to customer technicians at no charge.
May 25, 2018 - Connected logistics startup LoadDocs is tackling one of the logging industry’s most vexing daily challenges: completing paperwork out in the bush.
May 22, 2018 - Manufacturer of forestry, biomass, tree care, sawmill, and wood recycling equipment Morbark debuted two new machines at this year’s Expo Richmond show: the 6400XT Wood Hog Horizontal Grinder and the 50/48X Whole Tree Drum Chipper.

“Morbark listened closely to our customers when we developed both the 6400XT Wood Hog and the 50/48X Drum Chipper,” said Michael Stanton, Morbark's director of industrial sales. “We took our previous proven design technology and added the features our customers want and the versatility they need when we created these high-production units.”

6400XT Wood Hog horizontal grinder
“The Model 6400XT is the newest model in Morbark’s next-generation platform of horizontal grinders,” said Stanton. “Industry demands for high-production mobile units that meet stringent logistic restrictions but remain economically viable were the leading drivers during the design phase.”

The 6400XT includes many feature improvements present in the smaller 3400XT, introduced last year. The infeed bed is 24 inches (60.96 cm) longer than previous Morbark grinders in the 1,000-plus horsepower range and has sloped sides. This configuration improves operator sight lines for more efficient loading of material. Standard on the 6400XT is a removable infeed chain return floor, which allows excess material to fall away to minimize the wear on the floor, bed chain and inserts, particularly useful in land-clearing or other applications with dirty material.

Also similar to the 3400XT is the focus on transportability. The 6400XT weighs in at less than 96,500 lb (43,772 kg) and measures 11’5½” (3.49 m) wide with the standard Caterpillar 325L undercarriage with 600mm double grousers, allowing the unit to be transported to nearly all domestic and international markets.

“When we introduced the 3400XT last year, our customers responded very favorably,” explained Stanton. “It had a major impact on the market, and we expect the 6400XT to be as well received.”

The 6400XT has several operator-friendly features focusing on accessibility for daily maintenance, including:

  • The extended 31.5″ wide (80 cm, 25% increase) platform between the hood and engine for ease of changing grates and access to diesel engine
  • A fixed work platform for better access and safety during common grate and hammermill maintenance
  • A hydraulic hinged door and hood locking system to provide quick access during grate changes — the hydraulics unlock with a simple turn of a knob
  • A consolidated area for oil and hydraulic filters
  • An independent hammermill drive tensioning system for ease of adjustment
  • The larger feedwheel (40″/101.6 cm diameter, an increase of more than 15%), which raises 17″ (43.2 cm) above the current 4600XL yoke and 11″ (27.9 cm) above the 6600 yoke to allow better access to the hammermill during insert inspection
Another key improvement is the 42″ x 61″ (107 cm x 155 cm) solid-plate rotor with 3″ (7.6 cm) retaining rods and a 42″ (106.7 cm) tip swing. The standard hammer pattern is 18 hammers with 18 rakers, but like all Morbark rotors, it can be configured to multiple patterns for various application requirements.

The standard engine options for the 6400XT are the Caterpillar C27, 1,050-hp (783 kW) engine or Caterpillar C32, 1200-hp (895 kW) engine, both Tier 4 Final.

Morbark’s proven and exclusive driveline protection system is standard on all Wood Hog models. The externally adjustable, break-away torque limiter helps to protect the driveline and hammermill from catastrophic damage caused by contaminants.

5048X Drum Chipper50/48X whole tree drum chipper
“The most productive portable drum chipper in the industry has become even better,” added Stanton.

The 50/48X was updated to a similar design layout as Morbark’s other industrial drum chippers with a sloped infeed, reverse-pivot top feed wheel, bottom feedwheel, externally adjustable anvil and Advantage 3 drum assembly that can come as 10-knives for fuel chip or 20-knives for micro-chip applications.

Making it easier for customers to perform routine daily maintenance guided many of the new improvements. This focus resulted in the development of:

  • A hydraulic hinged door and hood locking system to provide quick access to the drum during knife change intervals
  • Large work platforms on both sides for easier and safer drum inspections
  • A consolidated area for oil and hydraulic filters, easily accessible from the ground or maintenance platform
  • An independent drum drive tensioning system for ease of adjustment
  • An increased area between the engine and chipper base for easy access during general engine inspection and belly band removal
Other improvements focused on performance and production. The powerful top feedwheel was enlarged more than 15 per cent to 40″ (101.6 cm), and the enhanced hydraulic system now includes a direct drive Poclain motor for the top and bottom feedwheel that eliminates previous chain and sprocket drives and provides more torque. The 50/48X can be equipped with a Caterpillar C27, 1,050-hp (783 kW) engine or Caterpillar C32, 1200-hp (895 kW) engine, both Tier 4 Final. The PT Tech HPTO15 hydraulic clutch is now standard, which allows flexibility across a wide range of chip sizes.

“The Morbark 50/48 has long been the industry standard for high-production mobile fuel and micro-chip applications, and we strongly feel these improvements will minimize downtime, increase production and provide overall customer success,” stated Stanton.

“For both of these high-production machines, we focused on improving the experience for the customer with features that increase performance and production and make routine checks and maintenance easier,” said Stanton. “We deliver on our promise of making heavy-duty equipment that helps enable our customers to succeed.”
May 16, 2018 - Bandit Industries Inc. and Germany-based ARJES GmbH are partnering to bring ARJES’ line of slow-speed shredders and crushers to Bandit customers worldwide.
May 15, 2018 - Hybrid technology lowers the fuel consumption and emissions of forest machines while increasing their efficiency.
May 15, 2018 - Guests at the 2018 Northeastern Forest Products Equipment Expo had the first-ever look at CBI’s newest horizontal grinder: the Magnum Force 6800CT.
May 2, 2018 - On a mission to continuously improve machine efficiency, John Deere is excited to announce the integration of Waratah’s TimberRite H-16 Control System on John Deere tracked harvesters and tracked swing machines equipped with Waratah 600-Series Harvesting Heads. Previously only available for the 200- and 400-Series Waratah heads, this productive and efficient system has been expanded for use with the 600-Series heads, providing loggers with a solution that enhances connectivity for data and information sharing.
April 23, 2018 - Turbochargers have been around for many years and have become an industry standard on most forestry machines.
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