Jan. 16, 2017 - Pierce’s family of steep slope feller buncher booms are clearing the way to the extreme slopes of West Coast forests. Pierce boom configurations operate in conjunction with a tethering system that allows you to virtually eliminate dangerous and costly hand cutting.

“This steep slope technology represents a major advance in worker safety on the job site,” says Pierce’s Greg Hildebrandt. “And whereas traditional logging equipment reaches only a portion of the job site, steep slope equipment can reach a significantly greater segment, representing a substantial increase in safety and productivity.”

The Pierce family of steep slope feller buncher booms are currently available in live heel for steep slope directional felling, live heel for leveling shovel logging, and a two-piece configuration, also for directional felling. All three can shovel/hoe chuck logs directly to the landing, where the Pierce GP (Grapple Processor) processes and loads, completing the job with one efficient landing machine.

For more information about Pierce’s steep slope products and the GP, contact us at 1-800-760-3270 or visit www.piercepacific.com.
Jan. 12, 2017 - John Deere is adding Foresight Intelligence to its stable of construction data solutions to increase dealer efficiencies and customer uptime. The collaboration utilizes Foresight’s Intelligent Alert Triage Center (IATC) and helps John Deere dealers and customers better manage daily machine alerts. IATC enables dealers to easily capture, consolidate and prioritize diagnostic trouble codes, oil sampling results, preventative maintenance alerts and more into one centralized and secure portal.

“Teaming up with Foresight Intelligence allows our dealers to be even more proactive by managing machine health before a customer is aware of an issue,” said Jena Holtberg-Benge, director of John Deere WorkSight. “IATC further enhances the power of John Deere WorkSight and is another tool for our dealers to increase customer uptime and create a sustainable competitive advantage.”

Many John Deere dealers across North America are already utilizing IATC with great results. Advanced analytics make it possible to thoroughly monitor and understand machine health, and uncover trends, such as when a specific type of machine typically fails or when common problems arise among machine populations or in certain applications. Dealers can track individual and branch performance from ticket statistics and easily identify successful activities and areas for improvement based on real-time data. They can also collaborate across dealerships to rapidly deliver solutions.

"IATC has helped streamline our alert monitoring process and has made us more efficient,” said Steve Deller, product support manager at West Side Tractor. “IATC has given us one portal to monitor and distribute alerts as well as access a host of other diagnostic and machine information that’s helped us to respond quicker to our customer’s needs and create accountability at the branch level."

"Dealers are realizing measurable results, such as maximized machine uptime, optimized service efficiency and, ultimately, customer loyalty,” said Christine Smith, vice-president of operations at Foresight Intelligence “We’re pleased to align with John Deere as an endorsed data solution.”

To learn more, visit https://foresightintelligence.com/IATC/ or contact your local John Deere dealer.

JD Foresight 1
Jan. 12, 2017 - A telescopic battery pole saw designed for professional use. This telescopic pole saw has a reach of 5m and a performance that surpasses its petrol equivalents. Its lightweight design, excellent ergonomics and quiet operation makes this professional pole saw ideal to use in any location at any time of day. See more at Husqvarna.ca

husqvarna new product
Jan. 4, 2017 - Logset's Board of Directors has started the search for a new managing director following the departure of Tapio Ingervo.
Dec. 20, 2016 - Forwarders spend most of their operating time loading. This makes the power, movement, speed and controllability of the loader key factors for efficient loading. Ponsse loaders are strong both in slewing and lifting capacity, and precise. The advanced OptiControl system makes operating exact, easy and secure. Individual settings provide optimal loading for each operator. Ponsse Ecodrive assists operators to improve working methods. Ponsse loaders feature booms made of high-strength steel and high-quality cast components that guarantee performance even in the most extreme conditions. Loaders cover a whole range from medium-sized thinning forwarders to heavy-duty forwarders.
Dec. 20, 2016 - Tanguay electrical loaders have a proven record of reliability, low operating cost and long life. 

The PL350 and PL350-HD loaders are custom designed for each mill with loader location, boom geometry and attachment selection carefully planned to maximize production. 

A choice of 150 to 200 hp electric motors and electrical systems are available to suit worldwide electrical services.  

Stationary single or dual pedestal bases for over conveyors are available and an optional mobile rail trolley is also available to expand working range and increase mill flexibility.

The extra-large ergonomic cab has plenty of room to install mill input and outputs screen and controls.


Dec. 19, 2016 - The purpose-built G-Series log loaders offer increased productivity, durability and reliability. The standard elevated rear-entry cab allows for convenient entry and exit, is ROPS certified, isolation mounted with a new HVAC system, maximizing operator comfort. A cab-forward riser option, available on the 2156G, 2656G and 3156G, moves the operator 17 inches forward for applications where right side visibility is a key requirement.

The 3156G models are equipped with a larger hydraulic pump, cooling package and 9.0 litre engine used in the 3756G, improving durability and performance. Other features include a new electrical system, larger hydraulic cooling capacity and undercarriage improvements.

Dec. 15, 2016 - The new Link-Belt 40-Series forestry machines feature powerful, fuel-efficient Final Tier 4 engines that don’t require a DPF, matched to a 55 per cent larger fuel tank that keeps you working longer. 40-Series offers up to 12 per cent improved cycle times, best-in-class swing torque, 17 per cent draw bar pull increase and up to 10 per cent better fuel economy. Ground-level access to all service points, easily opened by hand. Other features include a 7” high-definition color monitor, rear-view camera, Oregon OSHA/WCB compliant forestry cab, full-length track guards. This attention to detail ensures that Link-Belt Forestry machines deliver outstanding performance and productivity where it matters most.



Operating weight

38.85 metric tons

Operating weight

85,650 lbs

Swing Torque

76,710 lbf-ft

Swing Speed

0 - 9.0 rpm

Engine Make


Engine Model


Net HP


Max travel speed

2.7 mph

Dec. 15, 2016 - The Komatsu PC390LL-10 Log Loader has a NET horsepower of 257 HP (192 kW), powered by a Komatsu SAA6D114E‐5 engine that is EPA Tier 4 Interim and EU Stage 3B emissions certified. Weighing in at 106,924 pounds (48,500 kg) in Log Loader configuration, the PC390LL‐10 uses a hydraulic actuator to provide optimum air flow under all speed and load conditions. The new engine and hydraulic pump control technology improves operational efficiency and lowers fuel consumption up to 10 per cent. Its large undercarriage design significantly increases overside lift capacity and provides exceptional lateral stability in applications that require long arms or heavy attachments.

Dec. 8, 2016 - ASV LLC has introduced the Posi-Track RT-120 Forestry. The large-frame RT-120 Forestry features more power and productivity with less ground disturbance.

Maximum power and torque, along with unparalleled cooling capacity, make the RT-120F capable of using the largest attachments for long periods of time without bogging down or overheating. The rugged machine makes mulching, brush cutting and highway and utility work faster and easier. Like all ASV equipment, the RT-120F includes maximum efficiency hydraulics and innovative, high-capacity cooling systems that allow for more work done in less time. In addition, the machine achieves versatility on all surfaces — from mud and brush to ice and snow — using ASV’s patented Posi-Track undercarriage. It provides serviceability, ground clearance, ground pressure, traction and track life.

“ASV is on a mission to earn recognition as the industry leader in the high end of the market with our larger machines by offering superior performance, productivity and ROI. Our customers come first, that’s why we make sure they have machines that stand up to the tough jobs they face every day,” said Jim DiBiagio, ASV general manager. “The RT-120 Forestry easily meets that demand with its size, strength and rugged design. We really mean it when we promise maximum performance with no compromises!”

ASV optimized the RT-120F for forestry work that can be too demanding for other machines. The unit includes metal guarding against brush and debris around key areas, such as lights, the AC condenser and the rear screen. A full rear brush guard is also available as a factory-installed option.

The RT-120F also incorporates an additional level of durability with a heavy-gauge, falling object protective structure (FOPS) level 2 cab, improved rollover protection (ROPS) and reinforced windows for impact resistance. The machine blows debris from mulching applications out of the engine compartment screens with a hydraulically driven, auto-reversing cooling fan. The RT-120F works with all standard attachments, including mulching heads, brush cutters, backhoes, tooth bars, buckets, snow blades and pallet forks.

ASV builds its machines from the ground up, starting with the undercarriage. The RT-120F ensures maximum operator comfort, speed and traction with the company’s patented Posi-Track rubber-track suspension. The dual-level suspension includes both suspended wheels and axles, allowing it to travel quickly over all types of terrain. The machine achieves maximum traction in the roughest conditions with a fully-flexible track and suspended wheels that conform to the ground. ASV maximizes the RT-120F’s performance on steep slopes by manufacturing it with multiple wheel contact points and four guide lugs. The unit comes standard with 20-inch-wide tracks, resulting in a ground pressure of only 4.3 psi. The features, combined with the machine’s 15 inches of ground clearance, allow operators to comfortably operate it in more places and conditions for longer periods of time.

ASV took its previous closed design and transformed it to an open-rail and drive-sprocket design. The conversion results in easier and faster undercarriage cleaning as well as improved sprocket and bogie life. ASV builds all rollers with mechanical face seals, eliminating the need for maintenance for the life of the machine. The tracks are manufactured with embedded co-polymer cords for extra strength and are produced using a single-cure process, eliminating cure-point weaknesses in the track that can lead to premature breakage. These features allow for a 1,500- to 2,000-hour track life. ASV stands behind that with a two-year, 1,500-hour track warranty.

The forestry machine’s 120-horsepower Cummins 3.8-liter, turbocharged engine produces 360 foot-pounds of torque — about 8 per cent more than the machine’s 111-horsepower predecessor, the RT-110. The RT-120F transfers torque to the ground through direct-drive hydraulic motors. ASV builds the machine without planetary drives, eliminating the need for servicing those components. Highly efficient motors transfer maximum power to the patented internal-drive sprockets, and internal rollers prevent friction loss in the undercarriage, transferring all power to the track regardless of drive speed. The RT-120F meets Tier 4 Final standards using a diesel oxidation catalyst that, unlike DPF systems, requires no additional maintenance or replacement filters.

ASV builds all its models with a priority that they be easy to service. The RT-120F gives operators easy access to the reliable Cummins engine through a three-panel hood and tilting cooler arrangement. The rearward tilting cab provides easy accessibility when additional service is required. Sight gauges for both hydraulic oil and coolant, combined with the design, simplify regular inspections of oil, filters and normal service items.

The RT-120F’s highly efficient auxiliary hydraulic system includes 45 gpm high flow and 4,060 psi. The attachment receives more hydraulic flow and pressure because the machine uses larger line sizes, hydraulic coolers and direct-drive pumps — rather than belt-driven pumps. This means operators maximize horsepower efficiency even while using demanding attachments, such as brush cutters and mulching heads. The RT-120F achieves 16 per cent more actual hydraulic horsepower than the PT-110 compact track loader it replaces.

The unit features a rated operating capacity of 3,745 pounds and a tipping load of 10,700 pounds — greater than the RT-120. It is 73 inches wide and has a 125-inch lift height. Machine operation is easy and intuitive as a result of standard joystick controls. The unit’s cab is pressurized for a clean operator environment. An optional all-weather cab that includes heat and air conditioning is also available.

The RT-120F is also available in dirt and road profiling configurations.
Dec. 1, 2016 - As contractors increasingly use 3D digital models and GPS technology when grading a job site, John Deere is joining forces with AGTEK — one of the civil construction industry’s providers of takeoff and 3D modeling software — to increase efficiency and ease the takeoff and modeling process across job sites of all shapes and sizes. The data integration simplifies the process of utilizing 3D design files when grading, enabling John Deere dealers everywhere to support customers implementing grade-control software into machinery.

JD AGTEK Takeoff

“Collaborating with AGTEK allows our dealers to work closely with their customers to support the whole grade control workflow process. This includes cut and fill maps, demo models and state-of-the-art 3D views of their project,” said BJ Bauman, instructor of John Deere WorkSight. “John Deere customers can simply contact their dealer to support the takeoff process, which allows the customer to be more competitive. File conversions are also easily formatted to support SmartGrade demos with existing Trimble or Leica users. The AGTEK solution aligns with our open architecture approach to grade control management as it’s capable of ingesting any 3D environment format.”

JD AGTEK Hwy3Dmodel

AGTEK’s takeoff and site modeling solution, Earthwork 4D, quantifies and provides field documentation across a wide variety of machinery. The technology isn’t only accessible on construction equipment. Earthwork 4D uses Internet keys, which let customers work from their office, truck or kitchen table, further enhancing the power of John Deere WorkSight™.

In addition, with John Deere and AGTEK working together, contractors can have a simplified process to plan everything, from moving dirt to estimating how much equipment is needed for a project. With AGTEK’s WorkSight integration, contractors everywhere can reduce equipment and labour costs with a streamlined grade-control process that requires less manpower and less machinery when tackling a job site. With added support from the John Deere network of dealers, contractors everywhere are capable of quickly adjusting 3D maps to keep construction projects moving forward, quickly.

JD 700K SmartGrade 6

“Every contractor is looking for a competitive edge, and utilizing AGTEK is an eye-opening experience for our customers. It’s empowering them to use the latest and greatest in technology to attack the job the best way possible and give them a full grasp of the GPS experience,” said Mike Burns, grade control specialist, JESCO Inc. “We believe in the future of GPS technology as it allows us to put our customers in the best position to succeed; and John Deere working with AGTEK does just that.”

To learn more, contact your local John Deere dealer.
Nov. 25, 2016 -

Bandit (1)

Bandit Industries now offers new options and designs for the Model 2680XP, 3680XP and 4680XP Beast Recyclers that allow the machines to excel in processing dense, stringy green waste like palms, vines and coastal vegetation. The cuttermill features a 30-tooth setup with two-inch wide teeth. The mill RPM has been increased to help clear the mill faster, while the mill housing itself is opened up.
Nov. 25, 2016 - In September, Canadian Forest Industries was on location at 2016 DEMO International, the flagship event of the Canadian Woodlands Forum, held in Maple Ridge, B.C. Thousands flocked to the 3.4-kilometre loop of the University of British Columbia Malcolm Knapp Research Forest, where more than 100 exhibitors showcased their latest and greatest equipment for the logging industry.
Nov. 18, 2016 - Finning Canada, a division of Finning International Inc., has become the exclusive dealer for T-Mar Industries Ltd. Log-Champ brand of swing yarders and cable assist systems in Western Canada.

This agreement expands Finning Canada’s forest product market offerings to include Log-Champ cable assist machines and swing yarders for steep-slope harvesting.

Steepslope harvesting in British Columbia is expected to grow in the next ten years, which could mean a
significant increase in market opportunity for these products in the southern interior and coastal regions of

These products represent years of development and testing in the centre of North American steep-slope logging country. T-Mar’s Log-Champ traction assist vehicles and swing yarders have been built and developed in B.C. The Log-Champ swing yarders represent the first modernization of the machine in a generation. These machines, when operating in conjunction with a mechanical harvesting system, can increase productivity over traditional hand-felled operations.

“We are delighted to be the exclusive dealer for T-Mar Industries’ Log-Champ cable assist machines and swing yarders in Western Canada,” said David Primrose, Finning Canada executive vice-president, core industries. “This partnership allows us to provide a complete package to our forestry customers. We can now combine our world-class Cat Harvest & Felling equipment with an industry-leading cable assist machine and swing yarders to provide customers with increased safety, efficiencies and gains in productivity.”

“We are very excited about this new partnership with Finning Canada,” said George Lambert, president, T-Mar Industries. “This partnership combines the best aspects of both companies and ensures our customers have local access to first class sales, parts and service across Western Canada. Customers now have an excellent source for all of their steep-slope logging needs.”

Both T-Mar’s Log-Champ cable assist and swing yarders utilize a significant number of Cat components including the engine, transmission, track frames and undercarriage.

finning logo                                                                            tmar logo
Nov. 17, 2016 - Terex now offers its environmental equipment customers two distinct product line brands – CBI, a Terex Brand and Terex Ecotec. From one company, forestry, construction, biomass, waste, recycling and composting professionals now can choose from a broad line of chippers, grinders, shredders, screens, waste handlers, windrow turners and stationary systems.

“As recently as two years ago, the Terex environmental portfolio consisted simply of biomass equipment sold predominantly in North America,” says Tony Devlin, Director of Terex Environmental Equipment (TEE). “Through the strategic line acquisitions of Continental Biomass Industries (CBI) and Neuson Ecotec Environmental Technology, internal product development, and customer interaction, Terex now offers a broad range of environmental equipment marketed globally under two strong brands for our processing customers.” For more than 25 years, CBI has defined the biomass processing industry with mobile and customengineered stationary solutions known for their rugged durability and high-throughput capabilities.

CBI offers a full line of equipment for the forestry, construction, biomass and waste energy industries, including stationary and portable horizontal grinders, drum chippers, flail debarkers, disc chippers and screens. Additionally, customized stationary recycling systems can be configured using CBI equipment to meet specific processing needs.

Neuson Ecotec products have a rich history in the recycling and composting industries through the TIM shredders and Trommels and Sandberger compost turners. Today, the Terex Ecotec brand expands the overall Terex environmental product portfolio with chipping, shredding, screening and composting equipment. Additionally, a range of waste handlers efficiently loads material into both Terex Ecotec and CBI processing equipment to maximize throughput capabilities. The full Terex Ecotec product line includes slow and medium speed shredders, biomass chippers, horizontal grinders, trommel and recycling screens, waste handlers, and windrow turners.

“This brand strategy gives Terex two strong brands of well-known and reliable equipment to meet virtually any environmental processing need,” comments Elaine Donaghy, Marketing Manager, “Depending on the market and how to best serve the customer, we will employ a mixed sales channel strategy that includes both distributors and direct sales.”

The global Terex Ecotec organization is headquartered in Dungannon, Northern Ireland with CBI Global headquarters in Newton, N.H. A further branch is located in Nijverdal, Netherlands. More information about the full Terex line of environmental equipment can be found at www.terex.com/ecotec and www.cbi-inc.com.

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