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Hultdins expandes XR Rotator range

Oct. 25, 2016 - Hultdins is now offering an expanded range of XR Rotators with a new XR400 model in addition to the larger XR500 and XR600 models.

October 25, 2016  By Hultdins

The XR Rotators offer a compact low profile design with extremely high load capacities for both free swinging attachments and fixed mount applications. XR rotators can handle very high dynamic and static loads in both directions as well as high side forces.

Thanks to its compact “power-dense design” with the rotator, bearings, and swivel in a single assembly, the XR is well protected from external damage making it a perfect choice for the toughest environments. The XR rotators also provide large through channels for grapple cylinders or high oil flow applications.

For more information contact Hultdins at 519-754-0044 or visit our web site at www.hultdins.com 


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