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Husqvarna partners with Sugihara/Diatop Co to develop next-gen chainsaw bars

June 1, 2021  By Husqvarna

Photo courtesy Husqvarna

Husqvarna, one of the world’s leading producers of innovative forest, park and outdoor power equipment products, is taking the next step in offering best-in-class cutting systems with the launch of the new Husqvarna X-Tough Light lightweight bars through its partnership with Sugihara/Diatop Co. Ltd., a praised and recognized manufacturer of chainsaw bars. Made for everyday professional forestry and tree care work, the new Husqvarna X-Tough Light bars offer a combination of lightweight, durability and cutting performance.

“We are very excited to finally announce our partnership with Sugihara. Their ability to produce the best chainsaw bars is well recognized in the industry. Our mission is to offer our customers the best cutting system possible and these new bars are a vital part in that,” says Gent Simmons, global portfolio director for tree professional at Husqvarna.

Husqvarna X-Tough Light benefits from a solid, lightweight body with hard resin inserts that reduce weight, making it is easy to maneuver. Additionally, the hard resin inserts make the bars robust, ensuring high productivity and improved straightness in the cuts. The three-rivet RSN mount and an optimized oil hole help provide reliability and performance during long workdays. These features, along with the rail hardness of the new bars, gives longer maintenance intervals. Also, the sprocket nose adds to the high performance of Husqvarna X-Tough Light and the new premium design provides a nice distinct appearance.

“With these new lightweight bars our customers get another addition to the complete cutting system we offer with Husqvarna chainsaws, chains and bars. With Husqvarna X-Tough Light bars, users benefit from a durable and low weight option, which improves maneuverability,“ says Simmons.


Husqvarna’s new 3/8-inch lightweight bars, Husqvarna X-Tough Light, comes in lengths up to 36 inches and are available starting July 2021. The bars fit Husqvarna chainsaws from 60cc and up with a large bar mount.

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