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Husqvarna goes from green to black

Sept 6, 2013, Toronto – Tired of ethanol gumming up its 2-stroke engines, Husqvarna has introduced its own line of fuel that includes oil but no ethanol. A pre-mixed fuel will make it easier for operators to refill and promises to provide easier, more dependable starts, protect fuel systems and save carburetors from ethanol residue.

Canadian Forest Industries had a chance to try one of the new chainsaws recently introduced by the power product producer, a compact and lightweight chainsaw designed for arborists. Despite the author's inexperience with small machines, the chainsaw was easy to manage and it sliced through the red pine with ease.

Inquiring about their line of professional chainsaws, CFI was told Husqvarna has a range of chainsaws up to 120 ccs – which is like attaching a chainsaw blade to a motorcycle. The chainsaws are all designed to be strong and as lightweight as possible with an ergonomic design for those who wield the machines for full days in the forest.

Built with a powerful motor, the machines are designed with 20 per cent fuel economy and less emissions than other chainsaws currently on the market. The company's RevBoost technology is designed for rapid acceleration and higher chain speed for optimal de-limbing performance.

September 6, 2013  By  Amie Silverwood

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