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Irving at war with woodlot owners?

A dispute between J.D. Irving Ltd. and the province's forest products marketing board has escalated, according to a CBC report. The company has suspended deliveries of pulpwood from some private woodlot owners.

This follows a recent ruling by the province's Forest Products Commission that requires the company to buy through the marketing boards.

Robert Fawcett, JDI's director of forestry relations, says the board's involvement creates uncertainty.

“What one marketing board manager last week at a meeting said what he wanted to do was supply us with a list of names once a week on who might want to sell us wood, and we just can’t run our business on a week of hope, we need certainty of supply,” Fawcett said.

The province's wood producers aren't happy. Read the full article here.

August 12, 2012  By  Scott Jamieson

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