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Jason Popp joins the jury at Elmia Spark Award

April 26, 2019  By Elmia AB

Through the newly established Elmia Spark Award, Elmia and Fairlink want to drive exhibitors and visitors return on event (ROE) to new heights. Now Jason Popp, at GES, has agreed to join the jury.

With more than 90 years and the most comprehensive breadth of services and technology, GES bring brands and customer closer together through events, exhibits and exhibitions. GES has over 50 locations in the U.S., 10 in Canada and 20 in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). GES Events delivers scalable, customizable, and innovative event solutions to over 4,000 clients each year.

At GES, Jason Popp is President of EMEA and makes sure that GES is anywhere clients need it to go, whether it´s in the U.K., Europe, UAE or Asia.

“As a global service partner to the industry, GES interact with thousands of exhibitors each year. I’m always interested in creative and sustainable activations, therefore I’m so pleased to be on the jury of the Elmia Spark Award for 2019,” said Jason Popp.


The first Awards will be held at Elmia in January 2020. Everyone may nominate a candidate from any of the trade show and events conducted at the Elmia venue (including the forestry fairs – hosted in the middle of the forest) during the year. To nominate, please go to: www.fairlink.se

Among all the incoming nominations during a year, Fairlink will select five exhibitors in each category that will also have the opportunity to provide additional information. The final candidates will be presented to the jury who appoints the three winning exhibitors. In addition to the honour, the winners will receive a price – selecting between an internal or customer activity and/or an event training at Elmia, to a value of maximum SEK 65,000.

“We are very proud of having Jason in our jury. With Jason and the other jury members I think we have created a dream team,” said Mikael Jansson, CEO of Fairlink.

The Elmia Spark Award – three different categories

Crowd Magnet of the Year: An exhibitor who, by working actively with communication and invitations, have attracted many visitors to the tradeshow as well as to their own exhibit.

Innovator of the Year: An exhibitor who has utilized the exhibition media in an innovative and creative way resulting in high ROE.

Sustainable Exhibitor of the Year: An exhibitor who consistently through the entire process of their exhibit actively have utilized sustainability aspects resulting in high ROE.

The Elmia Spark Award Jury – 2019

Lotta Frenssen/Elmia

Carolina Axelsson/Elmia

Mikael Jansson/Fairlink

William Axelsson/FC Gruppen

Jason Popp/GES

Johan Fritz/Jönköping municipality

Per Frankelius/Linköping University

Bengt Spjuth/Mediaspjuth

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