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JoeScan brings creative infusion to 3D sawmill scanning

April 18, 2018 - JoeScan, Inc., a market leader in 3D laser scanning technology for the sawmill industry, has announced the hiring of two new employees.

April 18, 2018  By JoeScan


Brad Michael has taken over for outgoing marketing manager Christy Green and Vadim Kovalev has re-joined the team as a mechanical engineer and media production specialist. The two will work closely with the rest of the JoeScan team to design, test, and market new products, and to produce videos and other digital content.

“We were thrilled to bring Brad on board and have Vadim back to expand our capabilities,” says JoeScan founder and president Joey Nelson. “They both bring a lot of passion and fresh ideas that will help us deliver exciting new things for our customers.”

Kovalev is making a return to the company, after serving as an engineering intern while pursuing his degree at Washington State University, then as a full-time product development engineer working on JoeScan’s X6B laser scanner. After exploring options for greater exposure in the sawmill optimization industry, he founded his own media production company Kovalev Films that specializes in video services.

“I was really happy to come back to JoeScan and work on product development with a team I consider to be my close friends,” says Kovalev. “Our product pipeline is pushing into cool new territory right now, so it’s a great time to be back.”


Michael joins JoeScan after beginning his career managing advanced R&D projects for aerospace and defense contractor Lockheed Martin, and later freelancing as a web designer and digital marketing consultant. He brings expertise in a wide variety of technical and creative skills, including writing, photography, and social media management and strategy.

“Nothing gets my creative juices flowing like working with a small group of talented people,” Michael says. “I’m still learning the ins and outs of the sawmill industry, but luckily I’ve got a bunch of incredibly knowledgeable folks at JoeScan to get me up to speed.”

JoeScan has big plans for 2018, and Kovalev and Michael stand to feature prominently in all of them.

We want to roll out a lot more content to leverage the thought leadership of our crew and share it with the rest of the sawmill world,” Michael adds. “Vadim and I are collaborating on a whole series of videos right now, covering the basics down to the nitty gritty details of 3D scanning and optimization. Plus, there are some amazing things brewing up in engineering, so stay tuned because you definitely don’t want to miss out.”

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