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JoeScan launches a ‘do-it-all’ scanner, the JS-50 WX

March 9, 2021  By JoeScan

-50 WX scanners serve the bucking line at Pollard Lumber in Appling, Georgia (integration by Cecil Company). Photo courtesy JoeScan.

Sawmill scanning experts JoeScan are proud to officially launch their latest JS-50 WX model scanner. A successful beta program saw scan heads put through the paces in mills across North America. JS-50 WX is being praised as a do-it-all sawmill scanner, with current installations covering machine centres from bucking lines to transverse edgers to trimmers.

“In order to facilitate the greatest range of options, we tested JoeScan’s against a number of other considerations and decided to standardize on the JS-50 WX as part of our core offering,” says Joe Korac, president at Automation and Electronics USA. “With our optimizing platform’s current projects requiring log merchandising, whole log breakdown, gang, edger and trimmer optimizers; the JS-50’s unique attributes made it an excellent fit for all our customers’ needs.”

Simplicity is the big advantage

Making scanners easier to install and maintain is the primary focus of the newest member of the JoeScan family. Sawmill-first features like Power over Ethernet single cable connectors and an intuitive new mounting bracket are aimed at simplifying the scanning experience for installers and operators alike. The API interface has been re-designed from the ground up to make the task of integrating JoeScan hardware with optimizer software as quick and easy as possible.

Early adopters have also been impressed by the next-gen performance and JoeScan’s well-earned reputation for reliability.


“The new scan head delivers accurate high-density range data, quality ‘Laser Imaging’ data for inspection of visual defects and knots, and scan rates sufficient for high-speed systems,” says Steve Fletcher, director of optimization at Timber Automation. “JS-50 WX provides us all this in a compact, reliable package. There is built-in redundancy with two cameras, and the 5-year warranty gives peace of mind to our customers.”

A fresh face

JoeScan senior business development manager Blake DeFrance

To help introduce their new scanner to the industry at large, JoeScan has hired a new senior business development manager, Blake DeFrance. DeFrance brings with him over 20 years of industrial automation experience and a passion for forging partnerships.

“I’m thrilled to join such a dedicated and talented team,” says DeFrance. “My No. 1 goal at JoeScan is to help our optimizer and OEM partners get sawmills the scanning solutions they need.”

The road ahead

Indeed, the JS-50 WX is just the latest innovation from a company that has dedicated itself to the sawmill industry for the last 20 years. JoeScan views JS-50 WX as the herald of a new age in sawmill scanning.

“The reception has been great so far, and we’re really excited to expand the benefits of this platform through the parts of the mill not covered by our new WX model,” adds DeFrance. “If someone is scanning it in a green mill, planer mill, or veneer mill, we want to find a way to make that process simpler and more reliable for them.”

Work has already begun on developing a single camera variant of the JS-50 WX that will offer many of the benefits in an even smaller package. JoeScan invites anyone that shares their vision of simpler, more reliable sawmill scanning solutions to contact DeFrance at Blake.DeFrance@joescan.com.

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