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JoeScan patents JS-50 sawmill scanners

May 22, 2024  By JoeScan

Sawmill scanning technology innovator JoeScan has announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted a patent (US11924530B2) for its revolutionary JS-50 line of sawmill scanners.

The patent recognizes JoeScan’s groundbreaking advancements in creating a robust scanning solution tailored specifically for the demanding environment of sawmills.

The newly patented technology addresses the inherent challenges faced by sawmill operators, including wide temperature ranges, moisture, vibration, and dust. By ensuring thermal stability, JoeScan’s scanner offers precise and repeatable scanning capabilities, even in the harshest conditions. The patent also covers features such as single-cable power over ethernet (PoE) connectors and global encoder timings to reduce the number of cables in a system. These innovations allow sawmills to maintain uninterrupted production without the need for frequent servicing of scanner systems.

JS-50 Sawmill Scanners utilize advanced optical systems housed within a specially designed enclosure. This enclosure not only protects the delicate internal components from environmental factors, but also maintains the accuracy and reliability of the scanning process. By incorporating multiple laser line beam zones, the scanner provides comprehensive 3D log profiles, enabling sawmill operators to optimize the utilization of each log.



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