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JoeScan to debut new scan heads at TP&EE

July 7, 2022  By JoeScan

JoeScan president Joey Nelson dials-in a new scanner. Photo: JoeScan

The sawmill scanning experts at JoeScan will soon bring the proven simplicity of their JS-50 scan head to more parts of the sawmill.

“Mills love how our latest JS-50 WX model performs on their edgers and trimmers,” said JoeScan president Joey Nelson. “It’s a robust, reliable platform that is very easy to use. So we’ve been working hard to develop next-gen scanners for more machine centers.”

JoeScan will debut several new scanners at the Timber Processing & Energy Expo (TP&EE) in Portland, Oregon from September 28 to 30. Stop by their booth or visit joescan.com to learn more.


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