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John Deere unveils its Precision Forestry Technology Initiative

February 19, 2021  By John Deere

In response to customer needs, John Deere announces its Precision Forestry initiative, a focused approach to its job site technology solutions. Through Precision Forestry, John Deere is reorganizing its technology portfolio and doubling down on its efforts in delivering solutions designed to increase efficiency and productivity in the woods. The shift to Precision Forestry aligns with the brand’s overarching strategic direction to provide intelligent, connected machines and applications to help unlock more value for customers.

“Previously, the industry has focused on developing bigger, faster, more powerful machines to boost performance, but larger machines sometimes present more challenges, especially on job sites with limitations,” said Matthew Flood, product marketing manager, John Deere. “Technology has been a game-changer for the forestry industry, enabling us to improve operator efficiency and performance without altering machine size. With the Precision Forestry initiative, we’re organizing our portfolio to create a foundation for the future of forestry machines and job site technology.”

Precision Forestry is a more descriptive term for what customers can expect from the John Deere technology suite, including real–time, map–based production planning and tracking capabilities along with new and evolving operator assistance capabilities. This new alignment lays the groundwork for the future of technology solutions, as John Deere builds in these core areas to help customers work faster and smarter on the job site. For customers, the new Precision Forestry direction will simplify the John Deere technology portfolio, making it easier to select and adopt customized solutions based on their unique job site needs.

“With technology, we believe that loggers need to embrace working smarter, not harder. The logging industry is built on hard work – it’s part of the industry’s DNA. We want to complement that work ethic with machine intelligence and system–level integration, delivering the tools loggers need to increase efficiency and performance in the woods,” said Flood.


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