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Keep employees safe and productive with the right workwear and footwear

Logging and forestry work can be demanding, so employees need workwear that will help them perform their best while keeping them safe. Many forestry businesses rely on an uninterrupted supply of industry-compliant workwear and safety PPE (personal protective equipment) designed to withstand any worksite conditions.

August 30, 2016  By Mark's Commercial

When evaluating workwear and PPE, it’s important to choose products from companies who understand the rigours of forestry and logging, and test workwear to ensure it’s suited to any task.

Forestry is a tough business, and can be dangerous, which is why only the biggest and best names in safety will do. From head to toe, workers need to believe in their gear in order to do their best work, safely. From gloves to hi-vis, head, ear, eye protection and fall restraint equipment, Mark’s Commercial supplies everything you need for your mill, logging, or lumber operation.

Be it in the woods or in the mill, proper footwear is essential. In order to successfully do their job, employees may be required to spend extended periods of time on their feet.

Comfortable footwear is key to keeping employees productive and content. Beyond comfort, safety is a must-have. Reinforced safety footwear can protect from potential injury as a result of falling items. Certain traditional steel-toed, or lighter composite-toed work boots and shoes also feature side and underfoot impact protection for increased coverage.


Lastly, the potential for slip and fall incidents is high. Surefooted employees wearing the right footwear can prevent such incidents, with enhanced tread and grip properties. Innovations such as Tarantula Antislip technology applied to the outsole increases friction to help prevent slips and falls on wet or greasy surfaces. 

As anyone who’s ever worked in a camp can attest, the elements can turn at any moment, shifting a sunny day into a downpour. Adaptive workwear ensures all workers, regardless of the conditions, will be warm, dry, and productive. 

Innovations in the field of workwear mean employees can be equipped with the most technologically-advanced clothing and gear available. These innovations run the gamut from fabric innovations for flame resistance, flexibility, water and stain protection. The advancements will ensure that your employees have the best gear available to help them work safer and more comfortably, boosting productivity.

Two specialized Mark’s innovations help keep forestry workers warm and dry.

Heat retention
Garments created using superior technology—such as Mark’s Commercial’s T-MAX HEAT—provides improved heat retention and body temperature regulation. A technical blend of fibers or specialized dyes helps increase heat dissipation in warm weather or retain heat in cooler environments. 

Mark’s Commercial offers DURAGUARD, a unique application in which  polyurethane is added during the finishing and processing stages to boot leather increases durability and weather resistance. A finishing spray applied to the boot after construction helps extend the life of the footwear and protect against soil, rain and oils.

Every day, thousands of Canadian businesses depend on Mark’s Commercial to provide the wholesale workwear they need. Their gear must stand up to the day-to-day demands of forestry, no matter what their role. Workwear and footwear in the camp and forest must be comfortable, wear well and protect workers against environmental and job site hazards.

High-performance, weather-ready workwear is good business
Boost your bottom line with three key advantages:
• Safer on the job—protect your workers and your business
• Longer lasting—replace your footwear, workwear and PPE less often
• More Comfortable—improve worker productivity in all conditions

Workwear supply to meet your business requirements
Your workers’ safety comes first. Mark’s Commercial provides top safety workwear brands through apparel programs to thousands of Canadian businesses. Corporate wholesale supply programs, online ordering, direct delivery and a dedicated client services team make Mark’s Commercial the only wholesale workwear supplier you’ll need when safety matters most.

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