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Kenora utility pole plant starts up

Wincrief Forestry Products has started peeling poles for utility companies on the former Abitibi pulp and paper mill site in Kenora, the location of a future value-added forestry cluster.

November 7, 2012  By  John Tenpenny

A Kenora utility pole peeling plant will start production this fall, according to Northern Ontario Business.

Tannis Romaniuk, Wincrief Forestry Products executive operations manager, said operations began in September with test runs of the pole peeling equipment.

Commercial operations are anticipated to start in late October or early November, and the order book is looking good.
The pole peeling equipment, which is similar to a debarker, was bought from the U.S., and represents a public and private investment of $2.5 million, said Romaniuk.

Plant production is estimated at 15,000 red pine and jack pine poles a year, ranging in lengths between 45 and 60 feet.


Wincrief already has a small sawmill in operation on the site that’s making over-sized dimensional timber (8 X 8 and 12 X 12) that can be used for mining and home building applications.

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