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KMC delivers latest FireTracker: The Pink Panther

June 15, 2022  By KMC Kootrac

KMC Kootrac’s newest FireTracker machine, the Pink Panther, is heading to Rifle, Colo.

The fire suppression tanker assembly is designed for mounting onto the 200 series FMC and 2000 series KMC “Soft Track” vehicles. The machine is designed to assist in all types of forest fire applications from initial attack to mop-up. The uniqueness of the unit will prove itself with its 1,100 imperial gallon (1,300 U.S. gallon) tank and the ability to work on very severe slopes up to 60 per cent or on wet/boggy soils.

This unit goes where other conventional machinery cannot. With four rear mounted, lay flat hose outlets and a forward mounted outlet to allow the operator to extinguish spot fires while travelling, makes for a very effective fire fighting unit. The FireTracker is also equipped with a foam application system to give the machine far more impact when working in the field.


Equipped with a separate load pump that can load the FireTracker in five minutes, there is no job on the fire line that it cannot make easier and more efficient. With travel speeds of up to 15 miles an hour it can get anywhere you need to in a very short time, whether you are fighting a fire or using the unit as a water transfer machine.

The fabricated, steel tank holds 11,00 imperial gallons (1,300 U.S. gallons) and is designed to sit flat on the rear deck which, in turn, produces a very low centre of gravity. Two storage compartments are mounted lengthwise on the tank top to carry extra hoses, tools, and materials.


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