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Komatsu introduces the XT-3 series

January 20, 2015 – Komatsu America Corp introduces its next generation XT-3 Series Track Feller-Bunchers & Harvesters which provide significant improvements in operator comfort, ease of operation, productivity and reliability.

Komatsu’s purpose-built XT-3 Series machines carry a lineage of solid maneuverability, multi-function capability and high-production in demanding forest environments. Models include the XT430-3 (non-leveling), XT430L-3, XT445L-3 and the larger new XT460L-3 ranging in operating weight from 61,300 lbs. (27,805 kg) to 72,000 lbs. (32,659 kg), and each model features a powerful 300 peak HP (224kW) Cummins 8.3 liter engine and 58,400 lb-ft (79.1k/Nm) of swing torque.

With Komatsu’s continued focus on improving operator productivity, the XT-3 has a totally new cab that was designed with an “Attention to the Details” focus. Changes include a sloped roofline that increases headroom above and forward of the seat, and reduces debris buildup. A 10% larger floor-to-ceiling front window, larger side windows with up to 90% greater viewing depth, and a 60% larger skylight window provide a widescreen field of view. For night operation, eleven brilliant white LED lights deliver 2-3 times more illumination in all directions.

The XT-3 cab design is more spacious and quieter. It is pressurized with fresh, filtered air for the new automatic heating, cooling and defrosting system. The ergonomic seat and easy-to-reach instrumentation add convenience, and provides easier access to new integrated storage areas including a cooler lunch box and thermos bottle.

The XT-3 Series features the new IQAN-MD4 programmable digital control system which is one of the most advanced systems on the market. All former analog gauges and warning lights are now prominently displayed on the highly visible and durable 7-inch (18 cm) LED color touchscreen monitor. The system accommodates individual preference settings for multiple operators, records harvest data and provides advanced diagnostic reports. Highly intuitive Komatsu programming makes the system very easy to use.

Undercarriage and Hydraulic Improvements

The XT-3 series machines include the latest Komatsu undercarriage and hydraulic improvements for greater reliability and durability, including:


- 1-2 additional bottom rollers improve track chain support and load distribution

- Upgraded chain guide (rock guard) material extends service life

- Track chain alignment has been optimized by utilizing:

            - A continuous straight-line chain guide profile

            - Lengthened chain guide profiles at the idlers and sprockets

- Removable track roller guards for easier access on XT445L & XT460L models

Hydraulic System:

- Upgraded Implement Pump bearings provide longer service life

- Lift capacity at full reach has increased by 37% on the XT460L-3 model

Versatile Application Flexibility

The X-3 series can be equipped to meet a wide range of customer applications. There are up to nine hydraulic system arrangement, two heavy duty boom and four heavy duty arm options that accept a broad range of disc saw, bar saw and processing head cutting attachments. Komatsu’s advanced parallel boom geometry allows fast boom movement and smooth control which increases operator productivity and reduces fatigue.

Convenient Maintenance and Serviceability

Three (3) rugged swing-out service doors, featuring triple-hinged and positive dove-tailed lever latch designs, provide easy service access to all service and maintenance points including all fluid fill points, filters, batteries, hydraulic pressure checkpoints, and hydraulic hoses and pumps. Easy access to grease fittings provides simple maintenance which helps extend bearing life.

*All comparisons and performance claims are made to previous Komatsu XT-2 models.

January 21, 2015  By  Andrew Macklin

Komatsu has released the next generation XT-3 series of Tracked Feller Bunchers and Harvesters.

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