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Komatsu unveils new forwarders

Komatsu has introduced two new forwarders, featuring energy efficient engines, higher payload ratings and new transmissions controls.

April 12, 2013  By Komatsu

The new 855 and 865 forwarders from Komatsu America Forestry Division. Komatsu has introduced two new forwarders

The new 855 and 865 forwarders from Komatsu America Forestry Division feature larger cabs and bold updated styling, tier 4 Interim compliant engines, higher payload ratings, new transmission controls, larger cabs and other new features identify these machines as the first of a new generation of Komatsu forwarders.

The Komatsu 855 has a payload rating of 13 metric tons (14.3 tons) and is powered by a 150kW (201 hp) EPA Tier 4 Interim and EU Stage 3B emission certified engine. The Komatsu 865 is powered by a 158kW (215 hp) EPA Tier 4 Interim and EU Stage 3B emission certified engine with a payload rating of 15 metric tons (16.5 tons).

Both forwarders are equipped with new, more eco-friendly high displacement 6-cylinder engines with higher peak horsepower and torque ratings than the models these machines replace. The 6.6 liter engine on the 855 has a peak hp rating that is 13% higher than the Komatsu 840.4 forwarder it replaces. The 865 forwarder’s 7.4 liter engine has 12% greater displacement and a 7% higher peak hp rating than the 860.4 forwarder it replaces.

These engines use the same proven low-maintenance Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology to meet EPA Tier 4 Interim and EU Stage 3B emission regulations as the 911.5 and 931.1 harvesters. An updated cooling system with larger radiator and variable speed fan provide a 23% increase in cooling capacity.


Both forwarders have a new “smart” integrated transmission control unit (TCU) that responds faster to changes in load and terrain. The hydrostatic motor has a built-in “retarder” function for over speed control. The TCU also has new features such as cruise control and a constant engine RPM travel mode to improve fuel economy.

Constant engine speed travel mode modulates pump flow rather than engine RPM to regulate travel speed. Both machines have Komatsu’s comfort bogie drive system that minimizes leading bogie tire lift for improved grade climbing and soft ground travel performance. The 865 features a new larger capacity bogie with outboard final drives.

Control systems in both machines has been upgraded to the Windows-based Komatsu
MaxiXplorer 3.0 platform, which combines the power of a PC, Microsoft Windows and Komatsu’s MaxiXplorer to provide easy-to-use, intuitive control of vehicle, crane, transmission and engine.

An additional new function is the control of working lights: MaxiXplorer can now configure and assign work lights into operator-assigned groups to customize lights for nighttime operation. This feature is particularly useful when working adjacent to a road where lights on the traffic side of the forwarder can be turned off. MaxiXplorer is also updated for the Tier 4 Interim engine emission system with emission sensor troubleshooting and Diesel Exhaust Fluid tank level monitoring.

A completely new cab design provides a more comfortable and quieter work environment for maximum operator productivity. Inside, the cab is 20% bigger with more storage space. Taller windows improve upward vision sight lines. A quieter SCR engine and noise barrier between engine and cab help keep the work environment quiet. New fully adjustable Komatsu Comfort Controls with backlit keypads further increase operator comfort level and efficiency. Bluetooth smart radio and auto climate control create an enhanced level of operator comfort.

Completely new Komatsu Comfort Controls are ergonomically designed, seat-mounted control joysticks with arm and wrist support. Profiled arm supports and adjustable pallets work together for a wide range of individualization to achieve the best working environment. Each pallet has approximately 80 well-placed buttons with excellent feel and actuation characteristics. Key buttons have raised surfaces for tactile feedback, the keypads have red backlights controlled by sensors that dim backlight intensity when dark.

Serviceability improvements have been made to the new forwarders. A bulkhead between crane valve and main boom hydraulic lines divide the hoses into two segments for easier replacement and lower repair cost. Improved hose routing allows hoses to turn in the bracket when the crane rotates to increase hose life.

Hydraulic oil and fuel tanks are redesigned for improved daily service access with three hinged covers providing wide-open access to the crane valve and fluid fill points. A 24V hydraulic oil refill pump is standard for ground level tank fill; hose connections and control are located in a compartment with a ground level access door. A hydraulic tank sight glass is located for easy viewing from both sides of the forwarder.

There are two new service platforms at the base of the hydraulic and fuel tanks, and a ladder that can be easily removed and relocated for access to both sides for maintenance or service.

MaxiXplorer now monitors the hydraulic filters and filter blockage now triggers an operator alarm. Engine intake air system filtration is improved with a new easy to replace engine air filter element and dust ejector that is common with Komatsu’s 911.5 and 931.1 harvesters.

When tilted forward, the new engine hood turns into a standing platform for performing service or maintenance. Hydraulic and engine oil filters are located where they can be easily accessed for replacement by opening the hood. In addition, a new comprehensive tool kit is now standard and located in the engine compartment to keep tools protected and warm during the winter.

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