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Kootrac 3600 tracked rough terrain logger

March 8, 2017 - The brand new Kootrac 3600 pictured working in Cottage Grove, Ore., is designed with safety in mind  and engineered for steep, challenging terrain and minimal site disturbance. Kootrac’s hydrostatic drive, high speed, steel track swing grapple /skidder increases production in the most challenging terrain.It provides the perfect alternative to winch assist  directional falling on slopes to 50-55 per cent. The high speed (max 9mph high) track and torsion suspension conforms to uneven ground

and minimizes site disturbance.Its swing boom grapple design easily accesses and moves bunched wood to roadside and landings. It also offers a four-way or six-way hydraulic angle tilt blade,  and rear and grapple cameras.



March 8, 2017  By Kootrac

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