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Lecours Lumber to upgrade trimmer line

April 14, 2021  By USNR

Close on the heels of investing to increase the sorting capacity in its sawmill, Lecours Lumber in Calstock, Ont., is making further investments in its trimmer line. This latest order will advance the mill’s focus on high speed processing.

The new order begins with a radius back unscrambler fitted with speed-up chains to smooth the flow at the top of the unscrambler, ElectraTong Lug Loader with MillTrak lumber flow control, Multi-Track Fence, Dual Articulating Smart Gate, BioLuma 2900L sensors mounted in the existing scan frame, updated USNR optimization platform with the latest version release, USNR’s WinTally sorter management system, and a completely updated trim line PLC controls package. The existing lineshaft trimmer will be updated with eccentric spacers, new saw ladders and a new lineshaft designed for higher speed performance.

USNR is very pleased with the trust Lecours Lumber continues to place in our advanced processing solutions.


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