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Lennard Joe is new CEO of BC First Nations Forestry Council

August 31, 2022  By BC First Nations Forestry Council

Lennard Joe. Photo supplied.

The BC First Nations Forestry Council has appointed Lennard Joe, RPF, as new chief executive officer as of August 15.

“I am excited to lead this amazing, diverse organization in our vital work to support Nations in efforts to increase our role in the governance and stewardship of forest lands and resources, and participation in the forest sector as full partners,” Joe said.

“As the original stewards, and with a knowledge that goes back generations, First Nations are key players in the transformation of the forest sector in B.C., addressing the economic, social, cultural, and environmental challenges of managing forest lands and resources. I will continue to uphold these values as we move forward in our work. I will continue to lead and promote the implementation of processes to restore the land and ecosystem, to work with partner organizations, such as the First Nations Leadership Council and others, to increase efficiencies and benefits to First Nations communities, and to work with governments and others to ensure that First Nations’ interests, values, and principles are factored into forestry-related policy and program development,” Joe added.

The president of the board of directors, Chief Bill Williams (ta-lall-SHAM-cane siyam) said the  board fully endorses Joe as CEO.


“We are confident in his ability to lead through meaningful engagement with First Nations and thoughtful action. We look forward to working with Lennard to continue our necessary work uplifting First Nations and ensuring our communities are full partners in the BC forest sector,” Williams declared.

Joe added, “In the coming years, I commit to lead this organization forward in its goals and further establish the connection between First Nations and our lands, as well as the forest sector and the environment. There is a need for meaningful and informed action regarding legislation and policy, as well as employment and support. We, as an organization, will continue to move forward with First Nations interests at heart and ensure that they are seeing the engagement, respect, revenue, and relationships that are deserved. I look forward to leading innovative endeavours as we continue to advise, engage, mentor, and support First Nations in the BC forest sector.”


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