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Tech update: Log conveying in 2022

CFI rounds up the latest conveyor technology available to Canadian sawmill operations.

March 2, 2022  By CFI staff


The Bruks Belt Conveyor is a high-capacity roller free conveying system that offers minimal equipment wear and very low operating costs as a result of reduced friction in the conveying line. The belt conveyor boasts a totally enclosed design that protects the environment from dust emissions and reduces any material losses to a minimum. Rather than using a pipe as the key containment method, the belt conveyor uses a formed pan to support the belt, with a fully flanged cover over it to make it dust tight. The belt can comfortably conform to the profile provided by the pan without the added stretching needed to travel through a pipe.


Con-Vey’s Vacuum Belt Conveyors securely transfer panels through plywood panel repair lines. With Con-Vey’s expertise in conveying equipment, they’re able to provide all the feeding, conveying, curing, and stacking equipment necessary for automating panel repair. The key part of the process is the vacuum conveyor, which secures the panels through the Argos scanning and repair systems. This low-maintenance conveyor utilizes a multi-blower system that flattens warped panels and ensures repairs are precise and accurate. Con-Vey engineers successfully designed this equipment to operate with extremely tight tolerances. 



As a global supplier and exporter of commercial and industrial equipment, Carbotech is a major industry player that specializes in manufacturing sturdy equipment for sawmills and planermills in the hardwood and softwood industries that need durable, reliable solutions for their operations. For over 30 years the company has been focusing on its four main pillars: know-how, speed, precision, and toughness. One of their latest product launches is a stream feeder that offers higher consistency than the previous version. It is a highly efficient log feeder and, as all Carbotech’s products, it’s a long-lasting and sturdy equipment. 


The V-Chain scanning conveyor from Sawquip is a heavy-duty log conveyor that transports the log to the log turner. Its design with V-flights minimizes settle-down time, prevents unwanted side shifts and maintains log stability at high feed speed while scanning. Its automatic lubrication and air chain tension yield long chain life and low maintenance.


Martin Engineering
Martin Engineering’s conveyor belt cleaner position indicator monitors the blade, tracking and reporting remaining service life. The intuitive Martin N2 Position Indicator (PI) monitors primary belt cleaner blades, notifying service technicians and plant operations personnel when re-tensioning or replacement is required and/or when abnormal conditions occur. The PI can be part of a new installation or directly retrofitted to existing mainframes that use the company’s replacement blades. Managers and service technicians can quickly access info on any networked cleaner via cell phone, and the robust, sealed construction means it is virtually immune from damage.  


USNR has completed its comprehensive product line with a new log merchandising system that includes several conveyors; infeed conveyor, inclined lug chain conveyor, AR conveyor, and outfeed belt conveyor. The Log Deck Infeed Conveyor is a belt conveyor that receives cut logs from the log speed-up rolls and delivers them to the log deck. This conveyor runs faster than the outfeed conveyor in order to pull a gap between the logs long enough to accommodate kicking them onto the log decks. Heavy-duty conveyors are an important component in USNR’s fully integrated log merchandising system available in transverse and lineal orientations.


Biomass Engineering & Equipment
SMART Conveyors from Biomass Engineering & Equipment are advanced drag conveyors designed specifically for biomass. As the premiere drag conveyors on the market, they’re becoming a preferred system for companies across North America due to their robust performance and reliability. They feature an enclosed, twin-chain design compliant with NFPA standards. Other features include shaft-mounted gearmotors, modular construction, and multiple fail points to protect the chain and sprockets. To reduce downtime, SMART Conveyors are equipped with split sprockets, bolt-together assembly, split heads (M- and T-Series), heavy-duty chains (T-Series), and curve wear strips that personnel can replace from outside the conveyor (S-Series). 


Concept-air conveyors offer a high degree of performance in the transportation of material from one point to another. The conveyors are specially designed by engineers at their factory to obtain a conveyor that is perfectly adapted to customers’ needs. No additional adapters are required. Exceptionally robust and reliable, the conveyors are particularly suitable for transporting, metering, controlling flow rates and for spreading material. Customers can choose between a fast, slow or variable pitch, depending on the requirements of the material to be transporte


Springer USA
Simple, reliable, low maintenance operation. Even-ending, gap control, and a minimum of slippage when transferred to the chain conveyor. These are the benefits of Springer screw technology over traditional methods such as step or wave feeders. Chosen by customers in British Columbia, the Pacific Northwest, and the Southeast U.S., Springer screw technology works on all types of log species, especially those with a high percentage of crooked and broken logs, for lengths of eight to 65 feet.


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