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Logset searching for new managing director

Jan. 4, 2017 - Logset's Board of Directors has started the search for a new managing director following the departure of Tapio Ingervo.

January 4, 2017  By  Maria Church

Chairman of the Board Tapio Nikkanen has taken over the management of the company, acting as a temporary managing director at Logset until a new managing director is appointed.

“The board of Logset considers that the company is in a situation where new type of leadership is needed to secure growth and development for the company,” the company said in a news release.

Logset is a forest machine manufacturer based in Finland producing CTL solutions. Logset has approximately 70 employees with an annual turnover around 30 million euros. Logset machines are exported to 25 countries and the export share is reaching 85 per cent. 

In Canada, Logset is supplied by LN MACHINERIE based in Saguenay, Que.


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