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Low maintenance and precise positioning

In 2010 USNR launched the Multi-Track Fence, a cost effective solution to improve the speed and accuracy of the trim line. The first fence was installed in June 2010, and today 32 Multi-Track Fences have been installed globally.

June 26, 2012  By Dan Comand

This fence accommodates very high speeds with precise board positioning, an excellent choice for high-speed optimized applications requiring 0.1” (0.25 cm) positioning resolution. The Multi-Track Fence allows wider lug spacing at high speeds, with less critical timing than other rotary fence models. It operates without any air or hydraulics; all electric actuation.
►    Push or pull back configurations, 12” (30.5 cm) and 24” (61 cm) setbacks
►    Bumper positioning resolution 0.1” (0.25 cm)
►    Speeds to 200 LPM (dimension applications)
►    Non-critical timing; no air cylinder cushions to tune
►    Simple PLC control
►    Electric design reduces operating costs
►    No fussy brakes internal to moving board bumpers
►    Easy access to all components for maintenance
►    Retrofit existing 3-stage fence locations (9’-0” / 2.74m min. roll)

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