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Lumber conference to feature mill tours

This year's Wood Markets' Annual Global Conference will feature a two-day tour of B.C. interior mills prior to the event, which will feature a variety of global specialists that will provide updates and outlooks for key log and lumber markets, as well as supplying regions.

January 24, 2013

The Global Softwood Log & Lumber Conference on May 8 will again offer attendees a very timely and strategic perspective to better determine global market strengths and identify potential growth opportunities. There will be networking opportunities – last year it attracted 275 delegates from 15 countries.

A key theme this year will be: “Where will the U.S. and China get their incremental wood supplies as both timber and the overall supply chain become much more constrained as demand rebounds?”

There is also a two-day B.C. interior mill tour taking place before the conference (May 5-7) where delegates will have the opportunity to see mills processing mountain pine beetle-killed timber.

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