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Lumber production up 6% Q1, shipments less so

June 11, 2013, Simcoe, ON - Canadian lumber production grew by 3% in March over the month prior, and YTD is up 6%.

June 11, 2013  By  Scott Jamieson

According to Stats Canada, lumber production grew 5.8% in Q1 2013 over the same period last year, for a total production of 6.3 billion bdft. Shipments in contrast grew by just 1.5% to 5.7 billion bdft, perhaps in part due to rail capacity issues.

In Canada’s largest market, BC, production was essentially flat in Q1 2013 versus 2012 at 3.2 billion bdft, while shipments actually fell 3% to 3.0 billion bdft. Quebec, Canada’s second largest producer, saw both production and shipments grow by 7% to 1.3 and 1.2 billion bdft respectively.

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