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McPherson Woodlot receives award for exemplary community partnerships

December 1, 2022  By CFI Staff

Photo: Annex Business Media.

Del Williams and Mike McPherson of the McPherson Woodlot Company are being recognized by the Province of B.C. with a Minister’s Award for Innovation and Excellence in Woodlot Management for the South Area.

“Woodlot licensees make an important contribution to advancing forest management practices around our province,” said Katrine Conroy, Minister of Forests. “Congratulations to the McPherson Woodlot Company for its achievement as we celebrate the importance of innovation in promoting the full value of our forests.”

Woodlot licensees are small-scale forest managers who strive to take a hands-on approach to natural resource management. Forest practices are continuously progressing to ensure a high standard of stewardship, resulting in sustainably managed woodlots. Each year, the minister of forests recognizes three woodlot licensees that exemplify excellence in woodlot management.

Operations on the McPherson Woodlot Company stand out both in the forest industry and in the community. Del Williams, a partner of the woodlot licence, is known for smart harvesting practices, attention to forest health and willingness to work closely with community stakeholders that share boundaries with and draw recreational enjoyment from his woodlots.


“Del and Mike are true innovators, known for their savvy harvesting practices, their attention to forest health and their willingness to work closely with community stakeholders,” said Mark Clark, president, Federation of BC Woodlot Associations. “Community members who use W1843 for biking and hiking can rarely tell a section has been logged. This award is well-deserved.”

The woodlot is a unique configuration of six 50-100 hectare pieces located around Revelstoke. As with many woodlots, the McPherson woodlot resides in an area where there is a high likelihood of usage by urban residents. Del has worked closely with outdoor recreational groups in the community, as both biking and Nordic clubs use the area.


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