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MHG Systems offers private forest management tool

Jan. 29, 2015 - The new Forest Owner Mobile from MHG Systems is an easy-to-use application that introduces forest planning tools to mobile devices and shows how much income from felling is immediately available, what kind of forest management measures should be undertaken and how much it would cost to outsource these tasks.

Forest Owner Mobile is a helpful tool for conscientious forest owners to independently manage their forest properties. It can also be used to record and update completed forest management measures. As a result, the application allows forest owners to see a real-time overview of their forest properties and to actually affect the sales and forest management measures to be taken.

Forest Owner Mobile will be available for download from Google Play, Windows Phone and the App Store in March 2015. MHG Systems will release Pro and Premium versions of the application in 2015. These versions are designed to meet the special needs of forest management associations, forest service companies and active forest owners who seek to optimize the profit and value of their forest properties.

January 29, 2015  By  Andrew Macklin

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