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Millar Western shifts management roles

Feb. 6, 2018 – Alberta-based forest products company Millar Western made some changes to its senior management team, including adding a new chief operating officer.

“Each of our new appointees has led a distinguished career within our organization, and each brings the benefit of in-depth company knowledge, extensive industry experience and valued relationships to his new responsibilities,” said president and chief executive officer J. Craig Armstrong. “We warmly congratulate them all, and wish them every success in their new roles.”

David Anderson has accepted the new position of chief operating officer. As COO, Dave assumes responsibility for all manufacturing and woodlands operations, and will work closely with managers in the company’s pulp, wood products, woodlands and fibre-supply teams to optimize operational performance while maintaining the health and safety of all employees.

Brian McConkey has taken on expanded responsibilities as vice-president of human resources and corporate affairs. As well as overseeing the work of the safety, human resources, logistics and communications groups, Brian will coordinate the company’s external outreach and stakeholder engagement activities.

Lyle Battenfelder has been appointed director of finance and administration. In this role, Lyle assumes expanded financial management and reporting responsibilities, while maintaining oversight of the accounting, materials management and information technology teams.

Adrian Hay has been appointed director of pulp sales and marketing. In his new role, Adrian is responsible for managing the company’s position in international pulp markets, ensuring  products are optimally aligned with customer requirements and enhancing the value of the company’s pulp business.

Dave Martell has accepted the new position of general manager of pulp. Shifting from oversight of daily mill operations to longer-term strategic planning and value maximization, Dave assumes responsibility for continued enhancement of safety performance, energy management, grade optimization, investment opportunities and capital project assessment, ensuring the company’s pulp business remains optimally competitive.

Tom Thompson has accepted the new position of general manager of wood products, with responsibility for all aspects of wood products manufacture at Whitecourt and Fox Creek. Tom will focus on strategic considerations within Millar Western’s wood products business, including product development, production optimization and capital investment opportunities, while ensuring operational capabilities are aligned with market opportunities and timber resources.

Dale Holloway has been appointed mill manager of pulp. Taking responsibility for all aspects of management of the Whitecourt pulp mill, Dale will work to ensure safe and efficient operation while maintaining productive supplier relationships and meeting customer requirements for product quality and reliability.

Darcy Veillette has accepted the position of operations manager at Whitecourt Wood Products. Darcy will be responsible for managing all aspects of Whitecourt lumber production, ensuring safe operation while striving for ongoing enhancement of mill efficiency, product quality and product development.

Armstrong said all of the new roles reflect Millar Western’s commitment to developing the talents of its people and promoting from within.