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Montreal hardwood products manufacturer expanding exports to U.S.

Dec. 5, 2016 - DZD Hardwood Export, a Canadian manufacturer of hardwood products exporting across Canada and Europe plans to expand its export portfolio into the northeastern USA such as Massachusetts, New York, New Hampshire and Connecticut.

Sefi Dollinger, owner of DZD Hardwood comments, "We are a family owned hardwood products manufacturer since 1983, located just north of Montreal, Que. We have been producing quality hardwood products such as white oak, red oak, cherry, soft and hard maple, white ash, walnut, beech, basswood, poplar and most other species native to North America. We have been exporting our products overseas to areas such as Europe and now we are focusing our sales and export strategy to the north-eastern USA."

DZD Hardwood operates 9 conventional kilns and one high-efficiency vacuum kiln for a total drying capacity of over 520,000bft. To compliment the drying operations, DZD also has over 2,000,000bft storage facility for the kiln-dried hardwood lumber. In addition, DZD also manufacturers hardwood and engineered hardwood flooring products for the domestic market in Canada.

Mr. Dollinger adds, "With our state of the art computerized grading facility, we can offer lumber adapted to our client's particular needs as well as standard NHLA grades. As a company, we have two main objectives. Our first commitment is to offer high quality, consistent well dried and well-graded hardwood lumber. Our second commitment is to protect and conserve the environment by minimizing the waste of this valuable renewable natural product. In fact, all of our hardwood product waste is used as fuel for our boilers to produce the heat needed for our drying kiln operations. We eliminate the need to send the waste product to landfills and we reduce our reliance on fossil fuels for our production process. We have a dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced team of professionals to serve our international customers. We look forward to being of service to the north-eastern states for years to come."

With the recent housing surge in the USA, Canada hardwood lumber exports have increased over recent months. Government trade data shows a 20 per cent increase in lumber exports to the USA from the same period a year earlier. DZD Hardwood Export is looking to capitalize on this recent trend and solidify a foothold in the U.S. market as the first choice for Canadian hardwood lumber.

December 5, 2016  By DZD Hardwood Export

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