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Mosaic commits to further reconciliation in forest sector with Huu-ay-aht First Nations

May 25, 2020  By Mosaic Forest Management

Port Alberni, British Columbia – Huu-ay-aht First Nations (“Huu-ay-aht”) and Mosaic Forest Management Corporation (“Mosaic”) announced today the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) which affirms their commitment to reconciliation, sustainability, and adherence to Huu-ay-aht values on its traditional territory (“Ḥahuułi”).

Building a relationship based on trust, mutual respect, open communication, and fair dealing will help both parties ensure all operations that take place within the Ḥahuułi follow Huu-ay-aht’s three sacred principles: hišuk ma c̓awak (“everything is one”); ʔuuʔałuk (“taking care of”); and ʔiisaak (“utmost respect”).

“We look forward to working with Mosaic to ensure Huu-ay-aht forestry interests and long-term strategic vision for our citizens are achieved across the Ḥahuułi in a manner that respects UNDRIP and Huu-ay-aht values,” said Chief Councillor Robert J. Dennis Sr. “Signing this MOU will bolster our efforts in protecting our land through watershed renewal and will provide new employment, training and mentorship opportunities for Huu-ay-aht citizens.”

“We strive to build strong relationships with First Nations partners consistent with our deep respect for indigenous rights and our commitments under the Progressive Aboriginal Relations certification,” said Mosaic President and Chief Executive Officer Jeff Zweig. “This new agreement further solidifies Mosaic and Huu-ay-aht’s commitment to work together to create opportunities for shared benefit.”


A Working Group has been established to ensure efficient, effective and regular communications to address issues and identify opportunities that both parties can work on together, including:

●      Stewardship and restoration objectives that ensure the land and resources are well managed (through activities such as watershed restoration activities and better tree planting efforts);

●      Support for the prevention, control, and eradication of wildfires and invasive species;

●      Increased education, training and mentoring opportunities for all parties; and

●      Sub-contracting and employment opportunities for Huu-ay-aht citizens.

By strengthening their relationship and continuing to work together, Huu-ay-aht and Mosaic will increase the economic viability and sustainability of the forestry sector in the Alberni region for the benefit of all future generations.

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