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Mosaic Forest Management releases 2022 sustainability progress report

May 26, 2023  By Mosaic Forest Management

Mosaic Forest Management released achievements related to the environment, Indigenous partnerships, people, community, and safety in its 2022 Sustainability Progress Report announced today. The report discloses the company’s progress across key areas that ensure sustainability for its people and the communities and forests where Mosaic operates.

“Sustainability is about multiple factors. It’s safeguarding and recognizing the team, ensuring there is fibre for tomorrow through stewarding the lands we work on today, and advancing partnerships with First Nations and local communities,” said Mosaic president and CEO Rob Gough. “We’ve made exciting progress in 2022 with accomplishments like the launch of the BigCoast Forest Climate Initiative, which recently issued its first carbon credits under Verra’s Verified Carbon Standard.”

Key achievements highlighted in the 2022 Sustainability Progress Report include:

  • Achieved a medical incident rate of 1.36 on 2.5 million hours worked, resulting in a 15 per cent reduction over 2021

  • Recognized as one of BC’s Top Employers

  • Continued progress on becoming net-zero by 2035

  • Announced the BigCoast Forest Climate Initiative that will defer harvest on over 40,000 hectares for 25 years, storing more than 20 million tonnes of carbon dioxide over the project’s life

  • Planted 9.1 million seedlings of local species

  • Began our transition to electric vehicles, which will reduce CO2 emissions by four tonnes per year per vehicle

  • Donated $676,000 to community organizations across Coastal BC

  • Increased investment in First Nations participation in the forest economy, scholarship and training programs and language revitalization

  • Launched a new partnership with Way Key Ventures, a new company formed by We Wai Kai Nation and Roga Contracting

  • Invested $124,000 in First Nations scholarships and training programs, including supporting the Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas (IPCA) Planning Advanced Certificate at Vancouver Island University

  • Supported Indigenous youth by directing $100,000 to Kw’umut Lelum Foundation for scholarships and language revitalization

  • Contributed $20,000 to Tsow-Tun Le Lum Society towards the construction of their new Helping House

“Taking care of our team of employees and contractors is a key value at Mosaic and plays an important role in ensuring our talented workforce is ready for the jobs at hand today and tomorrow,” added Gough. “It’s an honour that our commitment to First Nations partnerships, sustainable forest stewardship, collaborative, non-hierarchical culture, and support for community organizations across Coastal B.C. earned us recognition as one of BC’s Top Employers. I’m proud of what we accomplished and look forward to continuing to advance the company as a leader in sustainable timberland management.”

Mosaic’s 2022 Sustainability Progress Report is available at MosaicForests.com/SustainabilityReport.

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