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Mühlböck doubles drying capacity, while improving grade

Leading edge technology: from 50 to 100 mmbf with the same boiler capacity

May 13, 2020  By Muhlbock

Mühlböck CDK built for Delco Forest Products, New Brunswick.

The commissioning of the first Mühlböck CDK for North America, installed late last year for Delco Forest Products of New Brunswick, Canada, has been successfully completed. This Progressive Dynamic CDK equipped with model 1003 Heat Recovery is now in full production to great satisfaction.

Consistent drying quality

The reason Delco Forest Products chose for a CDK made by Mühlböck is obvious according to Delco’s general manager Renaud Durelle. After doing their homework by comparing all the different kiln manufacturers, and by seeing several Mühlböck kilns in operation during a tour in Europe, it was quickly clear that Mühlböck had the most innovative solution for Delco.

The greatest advantage of the Mühlböck kilns they visited was the consistency of drying quality, Durelle says. “We were looking for quality of lumber. Mühlböck is known for their lower standard deviation in moisture content. The quality of the wood coming out of the kilns in Latvia, closely comparable to our conditions, was remarkable.”

Doubled drying capacity

From the first meeting with the pleasant people of this family mill until after reviewing a variety of Mühlböck kiln models, we knew we had the perfect solution for Delco’s needs, says Peter Driessen of Mühlböck North America.


“There were many factors that came into play, from technical aspects and yard logistics, thermal and electrical energy capacities, to operating and investment costs. With the implementation of our Progressive Dynamic CDK with model 1003 Heat Recovery, we were able to provide Delco with every aspect they were looking for:

  • increased drying capacity from up to 50 MMBF to over 100 MMBF per year
  • without the need for their old kilns
  • improved lumber quality
  • no need to invest in a new boiler
  • and no need for overnight loading and unloading”

And to make sure that interested parties no longer have to make that trip to Europe to see this leading edge technology first hand, the two companies agreed that the Mühlböck CDK built for Delco will serve as a reference project.

“We enjoy working with the great people at Delco very much; we want to thank again them for their cooperation and for the trust they have put in Mühlbock” concludes Driessen.

Great success in every aspect

After an intensive year with upgrading the sawmill capacity to 100 mmbf and with that the drying capacity from 50 mmbf to 100 mmbf,  Durelle says he is pleased with their state-of-the-art Mühlböck CDK.

“We are very satisfied with the results. The consistent quality of lumber coming out of the kiln is above expectation. The continuous high output makes that we can run 2 shifts in the planer mill. And as was promised, our boiler runs smoothly: because of Mühlböck’s innovative Heat Recovery system, we did not need to invest in any additional boiler capacity.

I think this is the future of lumber drying; everyone is interested in the technology, but does not want to take that initial step. I am glad we did decide on our Mühlböck CDK, because we want the best for our future” concludes Durelle.

For more information please contact:
Mühlböck Drying Technology
ph: 250.679.4475

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