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ASV PT-100

The 99.5 hp ASV PT-100 forestry compact track loader comes fully outfitted for demanding environments, such as forestry applications. New standard features on the PT-100 Forestry loader include an all new sealed and pressurized cab, large dual pressurization filters, a high performance air conditioner and heater, and full forestry guarding.  The PT-100 Forestry loader complies with the applicable operator protection standards for forestry applications. The machine also features ASV’s patented Posi-Track undercarriage technology, which on the new PT-100 Forestry now includes rugged tapered bearings with metal face seals on all undercarriage wheels, 18 inch wide (457 mm) rubber tracks, exceptional ground clearance and a suspension seat for comfortable operation. The PT-100 Forestry includes two-speed travel, 125-in lift height and hydraulic quick attach.  When combined with an optional HD7460B mulcher attachment or a rotary-type brush cutter, the PT-100 Forestry is a highly efficient vegetation management system.


Barko 930

Delivering far more power to the working head than any other product on the market, the Barko 930 Industrial tractors were built to destroy, ripping their way through the most demanding right-of-way land clearing and site prep work. Equipped with a highly maneuverable carrier built to withstand extreme stress and tough terrain, these tractors are ideal for large commercial and municipal applications. With enhanced hydraulic horsepower, more standard features and higher quality components, the 930 delivers the results you expect every time. Typical Applications: mulching, soil stabilization, rock crushing.


C-250 mulcher and C-400

CMI C-250 Hurricane maximizes productivity when mulching in soft ground. The steel track undercarriage and the 30 in track pads provide a ground pressure of only 3.2 psi. Powered by the 275 hp John Deere 6.8 L engine, the mulcher head is designed to handle trees up to 16 in. CMI C-400 is the newest model replacing the proven C-300 Mini-Bull. The C-400 raises the comfort and performance bar in the 400 hp category. The elevated drive system and the best in the industry cab provide to the operator the best traction control and comfort for longer working day.  With a John Deere 13.5L engine and a maximum power of 450 hp, the C-400 provides the best mulcher for larger mulching operation. CMI mulcher offerings range from 125 hp, 275, hp, 400 hp and 600 hp. Crawler Mulching Industries makes reliable and innovative mulching equipment.


Barda Equipment (Division of Davco Mfg)
Choosing a brush cutter for your rubber track loader or skid steer is an important decision. For efficiency and money-making productivity, you want to make that selection based on what you’ll be cutting, terrain, desired end results, and ultimately, cost per hectare cleared. All Davco attachments are user friendly and require a short operator training period. Davco brush cutters are engineered, designed, and built to be the leader in strength and quality, thus providing low operating costs with low maintenance. They use tremendous flywheel inertia to generate torque and do not require high RPM to give them optimum cutting speed. This design enables the cutter and carrier to compete with much larger, higher horsepower machines that cost more to purchase, operate, and maintain. Davco brush cutters are a true direct-drive – no pulleys, belts, right angle drives, etc… Their high-strength steel allow blades (5/8 in thick) can be re-sharpened or turned over for extensive use, which is like getting two blades for the price of one.


Davco BC6450 & BC705HS
Davco industrial strength brushcutters are engineered, designed and built to be the leader in industrial strength and quality, achieving low operating costs with low maintenance and ultimately, the cost per hectare cleared. They are built for clearing right-of-way, seismic, sight lines, providing fire control & other vegetation clearing, or for when you just need to knock it down. Davco industrial strength rotary brush cutters are a true direct drive; this means no pulleys, no belts, no right angle drives, etc., and that also keeps the cost to operate and maintain down. Customers with rotary brush cutters and drumstyle heads have said they choose to use the Davco because it’s faster and more economical to run.  If you are serious about making a living from cutting brush, shrubs, and trees up to 6-in., and you require lower operating and maintenance costs, then your choice is clear.

The BC6450 Brushcutter is designed for the ASV PT-80, and the BC705HS Brushcutter for 31 to 40 GPM skidsteers, but both boast a debris jamb guard, which helps prevent the debris from slowing down production and strengthens the brushcutter deck.


Torrent Mulchers
These mulcher attachments are made in New Brunswick and fit excavators in the 5 to 30 tonne class. The manufacturer claims the lowest possible operating costs and power consumption, and offers models with cutting widths from 30 to 54 inches. The EX30 is suited for mini excavators, creating a low-cost option for contractors looking to diversify.


BRON 400XHP Forestry Mulcher

The purpose built BRON 400XHP Forestry Mulcher, also referred to as a Brush Tractor, is designed for efficient, environmentally friendly removal of brush from seismic lines, electric and pipeline right-of-way maintenance, commercial sites,  recreational  trail clearing and maintenance, forestry fireguard and slash operations. The mulchers wide tracks provide stability and high floatation for sensitive environments. The powerful BRON 400XHP Mulcher features an upfront ergonomically designed cab with single stick steering control, easy to read head pressure gauge and CAT LCD visualizing to monitor engine status. Engine and hydraulic components are easily accessible for routine service and maintenance. It is powered by a CAT 440 hp, Tier III Certified Acert Technology engine. The 400XHP is completely hydrostatic with independent hydrostatic pumps for the head giving full power to the head at all times. BRON Mulchers are available in a wide range of models from 200 to 1000 hp with choice of cutting head attachments to suit most


Lamtrac Quad
Like all Lamtrac products, the mighty LTR8290Quad is the ideal quad tracked carrier with low ground pressure, enabling you to challenge any hostile or environmentally sensitive terrain with ease. Top quality engineered structure with a variety of top quality parts, such as Cummins engines and Bosch Rexroth hydraulics. The LTR8290Quad’s ingenious four-track, double articulated, and oscillating chassis design enhances over all maneuverability while maximizing traction and control. As all of the LTR carriers, this concept assures the operator optimal control and weight distribution at all times. The ergonomically designed cab with ROPS/FOPS/OPS certification ensures the utmost safety and comfort. From seismic line clearing, pipeline clearing, power line clearing, and commercial land clearing, the LTR is the smart choice.



Nokamic’s unique carrier has an articulated frame and bogie axles. The carrier has an 8-wheel tandem drive with high flotation steel tracks for very low ground pressure, or snow tracks which are ideal in steep slopes and/or deep snow conditions. It boasts the highest mulching power on the market, ranging from 275 to 600 hp. The machine has a two-ratio hydrostatic transmission. Nokamic’s mulching head has a unique hybrid rotor  (steel teeth or carbide hammers or a mix) Options such as tools, rpm and torque can be selected for each specific application. The ground pressure is also the lowest of its category at 3.3 psi.


Prentice site prep tractors

With the muscle to power mulchers, stump grinders and rotary mowers, Prentice site prep tractors give you the flexibility to perform many land clearing jobs with one machine. The line includes the 260 hp Prentice 2864, 220 hp Prentice 2764, and the 190 hp Prentice 2664. The center-articulating tractor has a tight turning radius for maneuvering around buildings and landscaping. The Cummins QSB 6.7L Tier III-compliant engine maximizes machine performance through a “power bulge” that boosts the available torque when the engine is loaded. The tractor’s load-sensing hydraulic system sends flow to steering on demand for smooth maneuverability, while providing consistent flow to the working end of the tractor. The Quik-Flow selection/diagnostic system automatically identifies the tool and dictates the proper flow from a dedicated variable flow hydraulic pump. The front and rear frames and lift arms are built with heavy plate. The center joint, with 3 in. diameter pins and large double-tapered roller bearings, is field-proven and carries a three-year warranty.


Denis Cimaf DTN

Denis Cimaf is proud to introduce its DTN models, all new brushcutter-mowers for road graders. In many cases, road graders aren’t fully utilized and often sit idle in the yard. The DTN brush cutter allows you to use these very costly machines more often by enabling them to be used to do some road side maintenance, in a cost-effective manner.
The DTN is an articulated arm with an industrial mower head at the end. It is quick-attached to the front of the grader, without having to remove the blade: in only 15 minutes, the DTN can be ready to work. Another 15 minutes, and the DTN can be removed to go back to grading.  And to make initial installation fast and easy, the DTN has its own 100-hp power unit. Thanks to the auxiliary power unit, the DTN brushcutter-mower allows the grader to clear road sides 2 to 3 times faster than with a conventional tractor/mower. Also, because of the grader’s stability, it is possible to lift the articulated arm up to 20 feet into the air, 24 feet to the side and down to 7 feet below grade. The Denis Cimaf DTN-155 offers 60 inches of cutting width. Two other models will also be available in the near future, offering 48 and 96 inches of cutting width.


Advanced Forest Equipment
A pioneer in the development of rotary disc mulching (RDM) technology for 15 years, AFE’s excavator attachments are known for their top quality and high performance in the most demanding conditions. The secret to RDM technology is an innovative design that transfers maximum power from the carrier’s hydraulic system to the attachment. This results in an attachment that can effortlessly handle thick undergrowth or trees up to 20 inches in diameter. Smaller carriers can be used with RDM technology, for lower investment and operating costs – all without sacrificing production. The attachments are available in five sizes, with mulchers matched to the customer carrier’s oil flow for best possible performance. They are also custom built to match the thumb and quick coupler of each carrier. AFE also makes a custom thumb attachment so that the operator can conveniently pick up and move material.


KMC Mulcher

The KMC  Hydrostatic Drive tracked vehicle is a prime mover for a front or rear mounted mulcher/grinder.  This vehicle has the ability to maneuver quickly on slopes of up to 60% in Western North America or in the wet/boggy ground of the Southeast US and Northern Canada.  It is manufactured with front or rear mounted engines from 250 hp to 400 hp.  The track drive and mulcher unit are both completely
hydrostatically driven.  There is nothing on today’s market that compares.  It can be used for fuel reduction, fire reclamation, vegetation clearing for property development, fire guard construction and, when adapted for rear mounting, it can be quickly converted to carry other attachments. The machine is very fast and agile. It can work on slopes no other tracked or wheeled machine can access.  One of the major benefits of the KMC Tracked Skidders, because of the independent torsion bar suspension system, is minimal environmental impact.


Quadco HD industrial mower

The Quadco 56’’ drum mower mulches trees and vegetation into fine material, safely discharging directly to the ground. Some of the many features include: Simple and easy to use, with only three hydraulic lines and two additional for rotator option; its 1/2-in high strength main frame plate makes the Quadco mower one of the strongest on the market; and it is available with quick attach systems for easy installation. It fits all 20T+ excavators or feller bunchers. The drum comes complete with the new Quadco Reversible Beaver teeth with eight cutting edges, thus lowering tooth costs and increasing productivity. Also fits a variety of tooth styles such as carbide, beaver, and concave.


VH all-in-one machine?

The VH Mulcher or Van Horlick Mulcher continues to be marketed globally for plantation establishment. It is not a wood chipper but a large soil cultivator that mixes in forest floor mulch with soil in readiness for manually transplanting a seedling. Excavator mounted ( www.vhmulcher.com ), it creates a spot treatment readily on harvested sensitive sites or within partial cut stands. Tim C. Van Horlick Forestry Inc. is conducting a global survey aimed at identifying “need or no need” for a one pass “spot” cultivation, fertilization, transplanting of a container seedling, watering availability, herbicide availability all done by one new machine. Existing patented technology of the VH Mulcher or similar will be incorporated to do the cultivation whilst the carrier (rubber tired) and other is all new and under development. Input into design consideration is sought from those responding with a Yes we do “need” something like this by contacting tim@vhmulcher.com. A short questionnaire will be sent to you to identify your plantation establishment conditions and methodology. Analysis and design considerations will be made in attempt to provide you with a new service reducing overall costs through automation. Are you interested?


PrimeTech PT-200, PT-400
Power and functionality merge in the innovative PT-200, designed for forestry applications such as land clearing, forest maintenance and land preparation for, by way of example, fire breaks, forestry roads and terrain where pipelines and electrical cables will be laid. It gives excellent performance, with a fuel-efficient Tier III John Deere 6068 HF485, 6.8 L engine (180 hp). It also has a powerful hydraulic system, with Sauer Danfoss pumps and motors for track and front attachment drives. The front FAE attachments provide high quality operation and reliability.  The PT-200 can work well even on difficult terrain, due to its Berco oscillating undercarriage which adapts perfectly to uneven surfaces. The track can be fitted with two types of shoes with two different widths: 20 or 28 inches. Both guarantee excellent vehicle stability and low ground pressure ranging from 4.90 psi for the narrower track, to 3.60 psi, allowing it to work well even in swampy places where other machines would not go.

The PT-400 boasts a perfectly synchronized engine and hydraulic system. The 12.5l CAT C13 engine saves on fuel consumption and emissions, but with its 385 hp does not lack performance. Sauer Danfoss’ powerful hydraulic system is so designed that it has enough power to operate reliably and efficiently without overheating. It drives attachments such as the forestry mulcher or sub soiler. The PT-400 is exceptionally well-balanced, easy to manoeuvre with a reassuringly extreme low ground pressure of only 4.95 psi, an exceptional result for a machine of this type.

The PT-400 front attachments, made by FAE, provide high quality operation and reliability, and are adaptable to the customers’ various needs and working conditions.


Fecon’s FTX148-L track carrier is an ergonomically designed, purpose built combination of size and power for mulching professionals. Equipped with a powerful Cat C4.4 engine, Fecon’s Power Management and its Bull Hog mulcher, the FTX148L offers almost twice the performance of a typical skid steer while being only slightly larger in size for tight work spaces and transport needs. Features include a large cab with side door entry and different undercarriage options. It also has the advantage of loader arms that increase the machine’s versatility to run more attachments, such as tree shears, grapples, or stump grinders. It weighs only 16,300 lb with the Bull Hog mulcher, and is suited for ROW, site prep, fire breaks, forestry applications and more.


The Gyro-Trac performance promise is “given the same amount of fuel, hp and weight, Gyro-Trac’s lean, green, mulching machines will out-perform any other rotary drum mulching machine, cutter head combination on the market.” Developed by land clearing contractors Daniel and Guy Gaudreault across 20 years of working in some of the most demanding conditions on earth, Gyro-Trac is now a leader in mulching technology. Its mulchers range from 140 to 600 hp and are known for their efficiency and very low ground pressure. This means more money in your pocket and less damage to the ground and “retention” trees.


This Florida manufacturer offers a complete line of mulching carriers built to exacting specifications for various applications. Newest additions include the SK140TR-B and SK300TRHL. As a 22-yr OEM with Caterpillar, Supertrak’s mulchers incorporate Cat components and have the support of the Cat dealer network. They range from 97 to 450 hp and come as steel and rubber track loaders and dozers, wheel loaders and steel track excavators. All can be outfitted with the best mulching attachments, including FAE, Fecon, Loftness, and Denis Cimaf. Custom, high-flow hydraulic and cooling systems allow for maximum production and efficiency in any application.


Risley Eclips flexible mulchers

Risley’s line of Eclips tracked carriers offer a flexible solution to contractors looking for a purpose-built mulcher that can also double as dozer or other money-making machines in the off-season. Eclips carriers boast a fully-hydrostatic drive powered by 300 or 400 hp Cummins Tier III engines, and Risley’s exclusive 22 to 28 inch high-speed steel FlexTrac for speeds to 15 kmh. Rounding this package out is an independent, floating Dynamic Oscillating Suspension (DOS) and a large ROPS, FOPS bi-directional cab for either conventional tractor-style operation or forwarder-style operation with engine behind the cab. As a forestry machine, it includes easy access points for simple maintenance, including a tiltable cab, Flexair fan system, and greaseless track system. Eclips carriers come with flexible, multi-purpose attachment points designed for custom (Risley’s own, including an in-ground mulcher) or registered OEM attachment solutions.


RAYCO C100 – Super Crawler

There’s a new Predator on the prowl.  The RAYCO Predator PM638 mulching head is tearing through the woods.  With 38 fixed teeth, it eats everything in a 6-ft path. Attached to the new RAYCO C100 Super Crawler, it’s in a class of forestry mulchers unlike anything else on the market. The difference is in the design.  RAYCO’s C100 and PM638 are purpose built for industrial mulching. The steel tracked C100 is powered by a 96 hp Kubota turbo diesel that goes nearly anywhere with unmatched traction and mobility.  It features RAYCO’s Super Flow, closed loop, hydraulic system, producing 39 gal/min at 5,500 psi and a forestry cooling package to extend service intervals and keep you running longer, even under the most demanding field conditions.  So if you are in the business of clearing land, call us or visit our website to learn more about the only loader-style mulcher that’s purpose built for your demanding application.


Tigercat track mulchers

Tigercat offers a track mulcher carrier based on the 822C platform. The 300 hp M822C propels horizontal drum mulching attachment requiring up to 200 hp. It is well suited to rough terrain, slopes and banks as well as soft soil conditions where low ground pressure is required. The upper assembly is built on a solid steel turntable and mounted to a long-life F8, 203mm pitch forestry undercarriage. The wide, high clearance carbody enables the machine to negotiate tough terrain and the long track frames provide excellent stability and a comfortable ride.
All Tigercat mulcher carriers are designed to operate in high ambient temperatures and applications where there is a great deal of airborne debris. The machines are equipped with automatic variable speed hydraulically driven fans with an automatic reversing cycle to clean debris from the coolers.


Tigercat rubber tire mulchers
Tigercat offers two purpose-built and field-proven 4WD mulcher carriers for land improvement and clearing applications. The 300 hp M726E is designed to propel horizontal drum mulching attachments requiring up to 230 hp. The larger 415 hp M760 is a specialized machine for high duty cycle land clearing and right-of-way applications and is fitted to attachments requiring up to 400 hp. The M726E can be optioned with a multi-function hydraulic system and quick attach boom adapter. This option allows the machine to be quickly converted from mulcher to feller buncher in order to fell merchantable timber as necessary.

November 17, 2011  By  Scott Jamieson

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