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Neuson Forest introduces new 264HVT tracked carrier

December 30, 2021  By Neuson Forest

Photo: Neuson Forest

Neuson Forest 264HVT is the new superclass from Neuson Forest.

Applications range from 2nd thinning to harvesting individual trunks and final felling.
This is a completely new design with tried and tested parallel crane technology. The main goal of this development was to increase power density and comfort along with consistently implementing customer requests from all six continents. Ergonomics and maintainability have also been improved.

“Displacement can only be replaced with more displacement!” Neuson Forest took this wisdom to heart when they chose the new engine: Inside the 264 HVT is a sleeper 6-cylinder John Deere diesel engine with a displacement of 9,000 cm³. The maximum power of the machine is 309HP at a net weight of about 26.5t.

The crane is one of the strongest parallel cranes on the market. So you can even use harvester heads over 2000kg. The crane is available with three different reaches: 9m/10m/13.5m.


Photo: Neuson Forest

True to the Neuson Forest principle, the crane can optionally be equipped with a variety of heads and control systems. The goal when developing this machine was the ability to process trunks up to 95 cm in diameter.

Of course the machine has the usual tried and tested slope compensator of +25 degrees at the front and +/- 15 degrees on each side. Unlike its predecessor, this machine now also features an automatic slope compensator. The 2.95m width, the tight tail swing and the low centre of gravity all enable working in extremely small spaces and guarantee the stability Neuson machines are known for.

The hydraulic swivel service platform, engine covers that open to the sides as well as the hydraulic swivel cabin all ensure the best possible serviceability. The standard reversible fan reduces the amount of time required for daily service.

Notable improvements when it comes to comfort and ergonomics are the reduced sound level and the new cabin design. The machine further comes standard with the sensitive xCrane control system by Technion.

Key new options are Auto Levelling and the STH system. Learn more at: www.neuson-forest.com.

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