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New automated sawing systems company forms in Oregon

May 4, 2018 - Kerry Wilson is pleased to announce the formation of the GF Smith Company, specializing in the design and manufacturing of automated sawing systems.

May 4, 2018  By GF Smith Company

Greg Smith as CEO of the newly formed company and will focus on machine design and engineering while Wilson, as president, will manage sales and marketing responsibilities.

The new company is based in Oregon, and its owners have over 30 plus years of experience in designing/manufacturing of board and cant edger systems for hardwood and softwood sawmills worldwide. They have extensive experience in application engineering to provide the right system for a sawmill. The company will provide simple innovative solutions.

Under their G MACHINE brand, the company has already produced several high-performance sawing systems.

For Information Contact: Kerry Wilson
Email: KerryW@gmachinecompany.com 
Phone: 541-912-4266 or 971-865-2981


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