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New battery powered units from STIHL

May 30, 2013, London, Ont. – No gasoline. No emissions. No power cord. These are a few of the benefits offered by STIHL’s line of lithium-ion battery powered units.

STIHL says they are ideal for use in noise sensitive areas, and are powered by a universal 36 V STIHL lithium-ion battery that ensures there is plenty of power on hand to deliver a strong performance with each use. The battery can be charged a minimum of 500 times without any noticeable loss in capacity, so users experience no loss in power.

STIHL FSA 65 & FSA 85 Battery Powered Grass Trimmers

The FSA 65 and FSA 85 trimmers are extremely quiet and feature a brushless, no maintenance motor. Both are equipped with the dual line tap and go AUTOCUT C 4-2, but the FSA 85 has a wider cutting path, a bump guard to protect fencing and a variable throttle control for outstanding trimming performance.

STIHL BGA 85 Battery Powered Handheld Blower

The BGA 85 handheld blower is powerful, portable and cordless. This blower is lightweight and has very low vibrations. It features a dual speed trigger switch for an adjustable air stream and blowing intensity. Its symmetrical design allows for right or left-handed use and ease of movement.

STIHL RMA 370 Battery Powered Lawn Mower

The RMA 370 is a light and powerful lawn mower that is designed to tackle the turf with uncompromised mowing power. The RMA 370 is robust and impact resistant and has a high quality, high finished surface that makes the housing less sensitive to contamination and very easy to clean. The lawn mower is ideal for residential homes and properties. Two oversized carry handles evenly distribute the normal weight of 12.9 kg/28.4 lb (with AP 160 battery), and the control handle bar can effortlessly be released to fold and store.

The RMA 370 comes complete with a mulching attachment and a 40-litre grass catcher.

STIHL MSA 160 C-BQ Battery Powered Chain Saw

The MSA 160 C-BQ chain saw is the first STIHL cordless chain saw with an outstanding combination of weight, power and performance. It is quiet and ideal for indoor sawing. The chain saw is light and has optimum balance, very low vibrations and features the quick chain adjuster, which allows simple and fast chain tensioning without tools. It includes a 1/4” PM3 saw chain and a 10” or 12” guide bar. This saw is ideal for property maintenance, horticulture and cutting firewood.

STIHL HSA 65 Battery Powered Hedge Trimmer

The HSA 65 is a very quiet hedge trimmer and features a diamond-sharpened, double-sided special cutter for clean cuts. It offers high cutting speeds to trim job times as fast as it cuts fuel costs. The HSA 65 is ideal for users who are not prepared to compromise when it comes to performance, comfort and durability. Its 20” blade allows for excellent maneuverability and control for sculpting and shaping, as well as, for general hedge trimming. It includes an onboard hanging slot for easy storage and convenience. A tip protector helps prevent accidental contact.

STIHL HLA 65 Battery Powered Long-Reach Hedge Trimmer

The HLA 65 is ideal for landscapers and gardeners who want environmentally responsible performance. It features a 20” adjustable cutter bar from -45° to +60° with an automatic blade stop when folded. It provides an optimum setting for cutting low shrubs, as well as, hedges up to eight feet high. It has double-sided reciprocating blades with an integrated cutter guard. With a loop handle and grip hose, it provides variable ergonomic working positions. STIHL says that its low handle vibrations and low noise make it comfortable to use, even without hearing protection.

STIHL Battery Belt

STIHL offers a lightweight battery belt with battery bag for one battery, electric cable and battery adapter housing. Taking the weight of the battery off your hands, arms and shoulders, and carrying it on your hips, reduces the handheld weight of the tools. Users will experience a longer run time by carrying a second and even a third battery with the optional additional bags.

STIHL AP 80 & AP 160 Lithium-Ion Batteries

The AP 80 and AP 160 batteries are fitted with powerful lithium-ion cells and have the respective capacities of 80 or 160-watt hours. The batteries are interchangeable, however some models require the AP 160 for optimum performance and run time.

After 500 charge cycles the batteries still retain 80 per cent capacity. They retain their full performance capacity even if they have been repeatedly partially discharged and then fully recharged because they have no memory effect.

As the battery discharges, the tool’s performance remains constant over the entire operating time.

STIHL AL 100 Standard Charger & AL 300 Quick Charger

The AL 100 and AL 300 feature different charging rates. The AL 300 has a higher rate than the AL 100. The AL 300 Quick Charger takes 25 minutes to replenish 80 per cent of the AP 80’s power.

For more information visit, www.stihl.ca.

May 30, 2013  By Woodbusiness

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