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New Canadian app detects and maps forest fires to improve response

July 19, 2021  By Firest Resource Management Group

FireFringe app map samples: www.firefringe.com (CNW Group/First Response Management Group)

The new FireFringe app detects and maps forest fires and hotspots across the country. It is now available for free to Canadian firefighters, forestry managers, emergency managers, municipalities, the media and the public to see – in near real time – where fires are blazing.

“There are thousands of fires raging right now in Canada, causing devastation,” said Phil Green, CEO of First Resource Management Group (FRMG), the developers of FireFringe. “Our app can help save communities. It shows where fires are beginning to grow and can help predict where they are headed. It’s simple and visual to keep people informed and safe.”

FireFringe leverages FRMG’s SkyForest technology, which uses satellites to make detailed maps of forests and the trees growing there. It is then paired with satellite sensors from NASA that detect high temperatures, and mapping imagery from Mapbox. The app also provides data from Natural Resources Canada about the perimeters of fires and their hotspots.

The app can help:

  • understand what could be fueling a fire;
  • track a fire’s progression;
  • make better predictions; and,
  • give more time to prepare and respond.

On the maps, fire clusters appear as large circles and show the number of fire points in a cluster. As you zoom in, current day fires appear in red. Previous days’ appear in yellow.

“I’ve been fighting fires all my life,” said Greg Johnson, CEO, Johnson Fire Service. “We’re currently battling one of the worst seasons ever and FireFringe gives us a leg up so we can keep people and property safe.”

FireFringe features:

  • Worldwide coverage
  • Search ability by major cities and landmarks
  • Sensitivity that can be set from low to high
  • Clear visuals to tell the distance between you and a fire
  • Historical data to see previously burnt areas

“Three years ago, the technology used by FireFringe helped me prepare my town for an approaching fire,” said Terry Fiset, Reeve of Elk Lake, Ont. “Although FRMG was using a manual process then, I used the maps to alert the Ministry of Natural Resources of a hotspot near Elk Lake they weren’t even aware of. When they confirmed it, we got to work. Without question, every community with fire risks needs FireFringe.”

FireFringe was invented by people who know forests, working with people who know fires. Visit www.firefringe.com or download the free app on Google Play, The App Store or the AppGallery.

First Resource Management Group’s mission is to advance the practice of forestry. We provide forest management services for sustainable benefits and use, and remotely sensed forest inventory data. Currently we provide services for industry and government on over nine million hectares of public forests in Ontario and have mapped forests all across Canada with satellite data.

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