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Recently, USNR announced new products that improve the process of transforming raw wood fibre into valuable products.

November 7, 2011  By  Cheryl Quinn


New products in scanning and optimization include a family of transverse sensors for both green and dry applications. USNR’s BioLuma sensors feature high density, extra-high resolution, precise measurement accuracy, and lightning fast scan rates.

USNR’s BioVision sawmill grade scanner utilizes BioLuma’s vision capability and combines it with laser profile measurements, and optional grain angle mapping technology, for the utmost in green grading capability. As a bolt-on upgrade, BioVision combines color vision with your existing transverse geometric scanner to maximize the grade and value of every board. BioVision provides information on visual defects like knots and splits. Cut decisions are based on configured wane and grade allowances.

The company’s Precision Geometric Log Rotation (PGLR) system ensures optimal log turning for enhanced recovery and value. The PGLR system works on dual, quad roll, or donut log turners using the same standard TriCam scan zone the MillExpert log turner uses. Situated near the turning rolls to actively monitor and correct positioning during the turn, this simple solution (to an often hidden problem) adds profit to your bottom line with higher recovery and production of more boards, longer boards and more wane-free boards, all with no extra mechanical hardware.


USNR’s Lineal High Grader (LHG) and Transverse High Grader (THG) systems are backed by proven technology. The new Transverse High Grader uses proven LHG technology, combined with extra-high resolution BioLuma 2900LVG+ sensors and a high-speed flat lumber transport system, creating a system that USNR says is unmatched in transverse grade scanning capability.

Process control has kept pace with advanced features, customized functionality, and seemingly infinite possibilities. MillTrak uses vision technology to monitor material flow, while WinTally works with automated grade scanning to customize and refine lumber sorts and packs.

Lumber handling innovations from USNR include the incredibly fast Gatling board feeder, and a new high speed, precision positioning device at the trimmer called the Multi-Track Fence. USNR’s latest disc chipper in its biomass line is equipped with new features to improve safety and longevity, while also improving chip quality.


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