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New Harvester Draws Attention at AHES

A brand new harvester from A. Landry Fabrication in Balmoral, N.B., received a lot of attention at the AHES in Moncton. It was the first time the new machine, which is labelled the Landrich LR-HV, has been shown in public. It is being marketed by A.L.P.A. Equipment Ltd., a New Brunswick-based distributor of forestry and construction equipment.


The new Landrich machine is a mid-size purpose built, limited tail-swing track harvester. The company says it offers loggers a unique configuration where sophisticated systems are combined to increase operator comfort, reduce fuel consumption, increase productivity, and offer easy access for maintenance.


The cab design provides ample space and excellent visibility. This was accomplished by moving the entire cab forward on the carrier, moving the booms sideways and placing the engine in the rear. A low centre of gravity on the machine also improves operator comfort.


Fuel consumption is minimized with long reach booms, which are light and fast, and reduce the need for travelling. The designers also separated the hydraulic systems for the three main functions – crane, traction, and harvesting head. This reduces hydraulic power losses since circuit pressures are closer to the demand function. Selecting an efficient engine and coupling it with electronic control of the hydraulic horsepower demand also contributes to improved fuel economy.


The new Landrich machine offers excellent productivity by improving the multifunction potential, which allows the machine to supply oil to a number of functions that are activated simultaneously. This increases the speed of several functions of the harvesting head.


Access for maintenance is achieved by using a hydraulic actuated clam-shell enclosure that is hinged at the rear of the machine. When fully opened, it creates a flat surface that the operator can stand on to perform maintenance.


A Mercedes OM906-275HP Tier III engine that delivers 275 HP and 811 lbs/ft of torque powers the Landrich. The machine has a 570-litre fuel tank. The undercarriage has a maximum tractive effort of 308 kN (68,000 lbs) and a ground clearance of 711mm (28-inches). The harvesting head is Ponsse H7 model with a maximum cut radius of 70 cm.


The company has a prototype of the harvester working near Kedgwick, N.B., that has now reached 5000 hours since it was first put into service in October 2008. It completed a full harvesting season in 2009-2010 and is equipped with a telescopic boom. The machine that was on display at the AHES, which will be delivered to a customer in June, will be equipped with a rigid boom.


Watch our upcoming issues for a full field report on this machine.

November 10, 2011  By  Trina Dillon

The new Landrich track harvester received a lot of attention at the Atlantic Heavy Equipment Show. A brand new harvester from A. Landry Fabrication in Balmoral

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