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New kiln moisture measuring system

May 31, 2013 – Wagner Meters’ In-Line and In-Kiln Moisture Measurement Systems (MMS) combine moisture measurement with data analysis to improve grade, optimize energy costs and provide consistent results for the wood products industry.

Wagner’s new MC4000 in-kiln MMS integrates with other kiln control systems, or as an optional stand-alone system, to minimize wet claims and maximize target grade MC levels.

The MC4000 allows operators full insight into each kiln charge with real-time, on-screen trending that allows immediate performance changes to reduce over-dry or degrade issues in up to 12 kilns. Hot checks can be virtually eliminated as the built-in relay can trigger an alarm or auto-shut down at the target moisture content level.

Its rugged design can stand temperatures up to 300 F, and the MC4000 features on-line diagnostics, upgrades or trouble shooting for Wagner Meters’ customer support.

Once through the kiln, Wagner Meters’ Omega In-line MMS gives accurate moisture measurement for lumber at the planer. Its touch screen interface with large display terminal is easy to navigate but still constructed for mill line conditions. Its web server allows settings, reports and changes to be initiated from an office PC for quick set-up, analysis and configuration of the Omega system.

Batch or run reports are standard with all Omega systems, and when combined with Wagner Meters’ kiln analysis software, the Omega provides complete and actionable insight into moisture measurement operations.

For more information visit www.wagnermeters.com.

May 31, 2013  By Woodbusiness

The MC4000 can stand temperatures up to 300 F. Wagner’s MC4000 in-kiln MMS integrates with other kiln control systems

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