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New knuckleboom loader from John Deere

March 14, 2016 — John Deere recently introduced its Final Tier 4 437E knuckleboom loader. John Deere's knuckleboom loaders are already known for their durability, high swing torque and exceptional boom strength, and the 437E is full of features that will further improve job site productivity and uptime, while lowering daily operating costs. 

"The upgrade to the 437E knuckleboom loader is a great complement to our line-up of new solutions for our customers with full-tree logging operations," said Brandon O'Neal, product marketing manager, John Deere Construction & Forestry. "To design the E-Series, John Deere collected invaluable insights from our Customer Advocacy Groups (CAGs) and responded with machines that meet the uptime, fuel efficiency, and performance needs that we know are paramount to a logger's business and success."

The E-Series knuckleboom loaders feature several productivity-enhancing improvements. Most noteworthy, the 437E delivers a five per cent increase in both swing torque and boom lift over previous models for more productive delimbing and truck loading times.

"These machines are very well-built, and they represent pretty much everything we asked Deere for," said Buddy Lominick, Jr., John Deere CAG member and vice-president of Big Pine Logging in Newberry, S.C. "The improved boom speed and lift capacity really help out our production — these small changes make a big difference."

Understanding that lost production time is lost revenue for loggers, John Deere made several updates to the E-Series with uptime in mind. The 437E boasts a 173 horsepower Final Tier 4 engine that uses the same FT4 after treatment perfected in the 700K forestry crawler dozers, providing the reassurance of a proven system. The 437E also uses the same hydraulic system that has proven to be reliable on previous models.

The 437E also offers improved serviceability. A ground-level oil drain and filter change make hydraulic oil and filter maintenance much faster and safer. Additionally, an optional electric refill pump simplifies service even further. The hydraulic oil reservoir capacity has been reduced from 80 to 35 gallons, reducing the cost of changing hydraulic oil by 44 percent. Additional improvements include a faster, easier CB radio installation and an updated electrical system. Integrated circuit boards replaced the fuse panel and relay board, offering improved reliability by eliminating relays and a dramatic reduction of wiring and connections in the circuit board area.

All John Deere knuckleboom loaders come standard with the JDLink machine monitoring system and remote diagnostics as part of the John Deere ForestSight package of customer-driven technology solutions that bring the machine, the job site and the John Deere dealer together to help loggers better manage their equipment and operations.

To learn more, visit www.JohnDeere.com or contact your local John Deere dealer.

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March 14, 2016  By John Deere

The 437E knuckleboom loader delivers a five per cent increase in swing torque and boom lift over previous models for more productive delimbing and truck loading.

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