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New log singulator pre-stage technology reduces log gap

Sept. 13, 2017 - This month, Brunette Machinery will launch their newest in log singulation technology. The patented Retract-to-Load (RTL) Log Singulator. With the patented pre-stage log positioning, robust design, heavy duty torque tube drive assembly, re-enforced steps, RTL Log Singulator has already proven to reduce maintenance costs and will give a mill tighter log gap control.

September 13, 2017  By Brunette Machinery

One of the most unique aspects of the RTL Log Singulator is the patented Retract-to-Load feature. At the park or pre-load position the log sits right above the conveyor and is ready to be dropped in. The reducer crank arm is sitting over the top of the stroke holding the log in position; creating a negative torque which reduces the load on the drive and increases the ability to close the gap between logs. As the nose section retracts, the log is dropped into the conveyor, another takes its place in queue at the Retract-to-Load prestaging position. This reduces log gap, improves piece counts, and reduces maintenance costs on the log singulator as well as the conveyors it feeds into.

With their goal to reduce overall the maintenance costs of log singulation, Brunette has incorporated some key design features:

  • The extreme-duty torque tube assembly has pre-machined endplates to eliminate alignment issues after a repair or replacement, and also has replaceable shafts should they ever be damaged by a failed bearings.
  • Each roller assembly features two spherical roller bearings and is assembled in a removable support housing. This allows for simple replacement of the rollers without risking any alignment of your machine.
  • Each step is made with ½” formed plate and reinforced with structural angles to create a robust shelf for both receiving and lifting logs.

Each RTL Log Singulator is custom built to suit the application’s needs. The RTL Log Singulator will fit within the same envelope as most existing log feeding devices currently being used by the industry. www.brunettemc.com / sales@brunettemc.com


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