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New Morbark biomass microchipper

May 22, 2013, Mich. – Morbark Inc. announced its redesigned 40/36 Whole Tree MicroChipper, its latest in design enhancements to make a better machine for micro-chip producers.

The 40/36 Whole Tree Drum Chipper was first introduced in 2008 as a compact, affordable and productive biomass chipper. The model was improved by the addition of the Advantage 3 high performance-chipping drum in 2011, which improved chip quality.

The latest model includes an enhanced drum set with 16 knives, a slide-in forestry grate system to reduce oversized chips and a mechanically driven chip accelerator to fully load vans with the micro-chips.

The Morbark MicroChipper allows owners to reduce costs and maximize profits with its average fuel consumption of 2.25 tons of micro-chips produced per gallon of fuel used.

May 22, 2013  By Morbark.

The Whole Tree MicroChipper includes an enhanced drum set with 16 knives and a slide-in forestry grate system. Morbark announced its redesigned 40/36 Whole Tree MicroChipper

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