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New Ponsse forest machine technology at Elmia

June 5, 2013 – The new Ponsse Scorpion harvester is the latest in its range of cut-to-length forest machines will be introduced at Elmia Wood 2013. It offers increased visibility and steering, and productivity – keeping the environment in mind and with low surface pressure.

The service points have been positioned keeping the cost-efficiency and comfort of the work in mind. The new 4F engine and improved hydraulics have enabled extending the service intervals from 600/1,200 hours to 900/1,800 hours.

Ponsse's Scorpion is a general-purpose harvester with a powerful and eco-friendly Euromot 4F-level 6-cylinder Mercedes-Benz engine, and a large 210 cm3 working pump.

For those who want most power, Ponsse ScorpionKing offers the same ergonomics with two-circuit hydraulics.

Leveling of the cabin and crane

Scorpion offers ideal leveling solutions – the axis point of lateral leveling is as low as it can be due to the triple-frame structure so that the cabin and crane remain leveled, but sideways movement is also minimized. This adds to the comfort of the driver, and always keeps the balance point of the crane and cabin at the machine's centre line, improving stability.

Euromot 4F-level Mercedes-Benz engine

A 6-cylinder 210 kW Mercedes-Benz engine that meets the upcoming emission regulations for off-road use powers the Ponsse Scorpion. The engine is equipped with an SCR exhaust gas after-treatment system and cooled EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) system that significantly lower NOx and particulate emissions. The new technology offers a clean environment, good response to sudden needs of power and good fuel economy.

The Scorpion will be in serial production starting from the beginning of 2014.

For more details, videos about new products visit, www.ponsse.com.

June 5, 2013  By Woodbusiness

The Ponsse Scorpion will be introduced at Elmia Wood 2013. The new Ponsse Scorpion harvester is the latest in its range of cut-to-length forest machines and offers increased visibility and steering

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