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New saw tipper from Cut Tech

Mar. 14, 2014 - The Sawmill Kahny 30" automatic saw blade tipping machine, exclusively from Cut Technologies, now has the ability to tip saws up to 30" in diameter. As such, the Sawmill Kahny meets all of the tipping needs in the filing room.

According to Cut Technologies Machinery, the Sawmill Kahny is a high calibre, automated, user-friendly machine designed specifically for the filing room. This machine outperforms standard types of filing room equipment in it's class in most mills, making it the premiere choice amongst mills looking for the quickest return on investment.

This automated Sawmill Kahny 30" tipping machine allows for quick setup and changeover, reducing downtime. It has the ability to braze preformed super alloy or carbide tips and eliminates tip loss by providing a consistent bond. It also enables up to fifteen to twenty re-sharpenings before re-tipping using super alloy or carbide pre-tinned tips. The machine's automation allows the for more frequent re-tipping because of a reduction in kerf, enabling starts with a 0.010" smaller kerf size.

March 14, 2014  By  Amie Silverwood

The Sawmill Kahny 30" automatic saw blade tipping machine

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